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  1. My number is 19 I was still living at home wondering what the hell I was going to do with myself I am glad I figured it out!

  2. Man the packers suck without rodgers!

  3. My wife Allison Maier Sauve rocks took me to the movies to see Thor 2 I highly reccomend it!!! And thanks Ashley Hintze for watching princess so we could go!!

  4. A little bit of naval history for you people out there today is the 70th anniversary of the lost of the 5 Sullivan brothers on board the USS JUNEAU when she sank during WW2.

  5. The governor has returned!

  6. Scott Suhm you will be missed rest in peace!

  7. Sundays are soooooooooooooo boring at home when my wifey is at work honey hurry up and come home! me and the kids are bored.

  8. One great thing about bbqs is all of the leftovers!

  9. Life is about decisions, I cannot help that i have made better decisions along the way unlike other people.

  10. Whole time while enjoying my day i kept thinking about my fellow service members who could not be home with there families just so they know i had a beer and cheesebburger in your honor!

  11. Bbq is starting to shape up!

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