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  1. Fished the Ocean view reef today and had some great catches, caught 8 different species of fish and a skate. Nice puppy drum, Croaker out the @$$, blue fish and tons of oyster toads. Also caught a few small specs and black sea bass, no keepers there but still nice to see such a healthy fish habitat. Fish were mostly hitting on Spanish anchovies.
  2. I know this is an older post but I would love to fish any saltwater fly tournaments In this area
  3. Being in the military just opened up two awesome beaches for you to fish from, the first is the beach at Fort Story, and the second being the Beach at Dam Neck. Before I bought my boat I had great luck fishing both these places, pulled bluefish and some nice striper out.
  4. Here is a link for the chart on the NOAA website if you zoom in you will see that the water is very shallow on both sides of the channel right there. Looking at the chart you will see how far the channel actually runs out into the bay. On top of that being a river system there is tons of shoal activity right there that is constantly changing and its very hard for the Army corps of engineers to keep up with it all. Hope this helps and tight lines. http://www.charts.noaa.gov/OnLineViewer/12222.shtml
  5. Good afternoon folks, does anyone have any experience launching at Benetts Creek park in Suffolk? I live out that way but in the past I normally towed my boat to JEB Little Creek- Fort Story since I worked there it was convenient for me. My command just moved to Portsmouth, Looking on the map the closest ramp for me to launch is Bennetts I drove out there to check it out and it looks like it may be a bit shallow in the water back by the ramp, but looking down the creek I see some larger boats moored up.
  6. If you don't mind a drive check out Lone Star Lakes in Suffolk. They have a bunch of smaller ponds and a couple of larger lakes. If the water is rough on the bay most likely you will see me out there with either my Kayak or Fly fishing from the shores of some of the lakes and ponds. Lots of Brim, Bass, Sunfish etc.. Even had a gar on the fly last year but he broke me off. There is also a couple spots at lone star by the river where you can get some light saltwater/brackish action. Out here in Suffolk we also have Lake Meade, Lake Cohoon, and Lake Kilby all have some access I have been meaning to look into the regulations there for float tubes. I live near round tree pond south and have bush whacked my way in up by the spill way, I didn't catch anything but my buddy pulled up a real nice chain pickerel on a buck tail jig tipped with a live minnow
  7. If you run windows you can download windows movie maker for free from Microsoft. It is not a very advanced program and is limited in its capability. I have Sony Vegas and I think it is one of the best movie production packages out there for under a hundred bucks. With the expandable plugins for it I have never had any problems editing any of my GoPro footage and on top of that it will allow you to edit different file type videos together and produce a true HD product.
  8. Rob SS


    A big problem for trailer tires is that they dry rot from sun exposure this typically happens by sitting with one part exposed to the sun all the time. The UV rays dry out the rubber making them hard and sometimes cracking them. unlike our cars that come to rest in a different tire position almost every day as well as keeping pliable. Look into getting some tire/wheel covers made and you will notice a big difference on how much better your new tires will last. Another big piece of advice is make sure the tires you buy have the proper load rating, I have seen tires fail on boats more then once from people using a lower load rating because of the price. A proper load rating will have a thicker sidewall and the tire will last longer under load. Most of the force while towing is placed on the sidewall of the tire. If you are running regular radial tires this extra force will cause the tire to separate prematurely. Here is a link for the type of covers I am talking about almost any marine upholstery place can whip some up for you at a affordable price. http://www.amazon.com/Wheel-Tire-Covers-Trailer-Diameter/dp/B0046I14RA
  9. I would stay away from the company called Power Winch I had bad luck with one of their products, customer support was decent but parts should not have failed that soon after purchase. Managed to fix it and then lost the key fob remote control, they want over a hundred bucks to replace it. I am going to replace the whole winch with something else. Side note: Power Winch has a bad rap on many of the Boating forms as well, found this out while doing the research trying to fix mine.
  10. Rob SS


    I have the same glasses and I can't agree more. These glasses are great and customer service is awesome. I broke them already due to my own stupidity and had them back in two weeks just like new. I am really hard on glasses, as a corpsman on high speed patrol boats in the Navy and these can take a beating I have wore them on just about every mission here in the middle east and they have held up better than my entire crews Oakley's and Wiley X's. Just make sure you buy a floating neck strap too nothing sucks more than losing an expensive pair of glasses over the side.
  11. Rob SS


    I really like the Raymarine C series displays and with the customization available you can slowly build your electronics package over time by buying the different modules and adding them in. The Display comes standard with a built in 50 channel GPS receiver and a SD card loaded with Navionics charts. In addition you can control your display wireless with a I phone, I pad or android phone as well as pull up the display on this device, a neat feature that comes in more handy than you would think. The C series when paired with the available sonar module is outstanding great clarity underwater and excellent sensitivity and you can fish it in deep water just fine. The only down side would be the cost.
  12. Rob SS


    Figures we never got any Garmin products, They went with a hand held called a DAGAR made by Rockwell Collins the same manufacturer that makes lots of other military communication gear. The DAGAR is ok very similar to the old Garmin GPS 12 works great out in the open but god forbid you get in some tree cover or in a deep valley.
  13. I run Optima blue tops both of my boats, 10 foot jon boat with just a trolling motor a 22foot walk around with dual banks three batteries each. We also run them in all of our Riverine patrol boats at work (Navy). Optima recently released a charger designed for AGMs with a selector switch for regular batteries as well.It charges both 6 and 12v batteries and is very well built, a little bit pricey but you get what you pay for. On a side note this charger brought back two Optimas that i had written off as dead. When it comes to charging AGMs that become very discharged most battery charges will not charge them due to built in safety's. You can use a regular 12v charger just fine just make sure it falls into the specs posted by your battery manufacturer If you want to charge deeply discharged AGMs with a conventional charger look into charging them via a regular battery and charger and a set of jumpers. Similar to what is posted here. http://www.optimabatteries.com/product_support/resuscitating_agmbattery. Here is the link on the charger specs for Optimas, look at the blue top. http://www.optimabatteries.com/product_support/charging.php Here is the link for the charger I recommend. http://www.optimabatteries.com/optima_products/charger/index.php
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