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    22 ft galaxie w/a
  1. fit to be tide

    soft spot repair info

    Hope someone can give me a little info. I have a soft spot on the fishing deck of my walk around that im thinking bout getting repaired and was wondering about the scope of the work involved. Now its not horrible but does feel like a stringer has given loose and rotted. Now this is a fishing boat and its more of an annoyance then anything else. Will they have to tear the entire floor out? Is there a quick fix? Does anyone know a good floor guy? The rest of the boat is great and was repowered with a new crate 4.3 motor in 2008 so i dont want this little bit of cancer to be a big thing. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Ive heard a few sightings this week. They should be runnin good soon.
  3. fit to be tide

    cbbt info on navigation

    Thanks for the info guys. Yea i figured it was pretty shallow. Thanks for the charts. That explains alot. Im goin out with a captain in june and im gonna keep a good eye on how we get out so i can keep a better mental note. I have gps on my boat but im upgrading the electronics to include a new chartplotter and radar before i head out on my own. Thabks again for the info and tight lines
  4. fit to be tide

    cobia ring for t-top

    How are they with hard tops?. I need a hard top and rocket launchers done
  5. fit to be tide

    cbbt info on navigation

    Ok so heres the dilemma. I have fished the cbbt over the past 10 years but only on charters. Ive gone out alot with craig page and others and now that i have my own boat i want to go out myself. There are really obly 3 species that get me goin. Cobia, flounder and spades. I have noticed everytime i have gone out of lynhaven everyone kinda runs parallel to the bridge for a ways before cutting towards it. Is this because of shallows? Or is it just not good fishing at the beginning part of the bridge?. Any advice for me would be great. I have alot of experience on the water with my own boats but not at the cbbt.