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  1. Im not sure why i cant delete the couple of msgs that are there.
  2. Looking for a mahi trip. I dont have friends that are willing to spend much money on a charter so im reaching out to see what it will cost me and who to contact?
  3. I fish in a kayak there often. You can throw bucktail with or without a trailer or gulp mullet or gulp shrimp. Ive had fair luck on lures this season there. Live bait is always going to be the best way to go. Watch your tides cause theres a fair amount of water that moves thru there so use tackle accordlingly
  4. Fished the incoming tide and it was pretty slow. The one and only fish i caught made it worth while though. I managed a nice 33in red on a gulp shrimp trying to get a few flatties.
  5. Not much posting goingn on in this part of the fourm. Going to try my luck back in rudee in the morning. I went night fishing on tuesday night with some success. Fished the little creek area by the kayak launch ramp with some live bait i got in the cast net and managed a few short grey trout, a pair of nice specs (19&22 in) and my wife son and I got a school sized striper a piece as they were curious of the light and high tide
  6. Shonn1984

    Info on custom rod wrapping

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone does their own custom rod wrapping. Im not looking to get into it to sell rods on the side but more for my own personal gain. I would love to ask someone a few questions on getting started
  7. Fished rudee again today. Caught lots of short flounder today with both live bait and gulp but nothing close to putting on the measuring board today. Had a blast but i think the water is too warm for the fish to do much
  8. I fished rudee inlet this morning in my kayak and to my surprise i caught a small pompano on a shrimp gulp
  9. Took the kayak out in rudee inlet this morning at sunrise. Caught the high tide and outgoing. Fishing was pretty slow. Started at the aquarium and fishing everything to the inlet opening and back. Managed 2 short pups, lost a barely legal flounder in the kayak (he flipped out of my hands trying to measure) and snagged a cownose. Threw everything at them today and worked hard for what i did get.
  10. Fished from the kayak today launching from the ocean view pier. Started by fishing around greenies with a few short flounder. Paddled out to the ocean view reef (approx) andcontinued with the same luck. All short flounder at 14". Also managed a small sandbar shark and lots of croaker. 0/8 on flounder today. Either way it was fun but nothing in the fryer for dinner
  11. I recently bought a new kayak to expand my options within the area. I was wondering if anyone would care to share any places that they launch from and fish other than the normal spots like the main ramp at lynnhaven. I dont really know of too many spots to launch from. Any guideance will be helpfull and ill find the fish. Just need a place to start. Thanks
  12. Ive fished a lot of float tubes in the past and after being here for a few years im looking into kayak fishing. Seems like a good deal. I was wanting some input on an entry level kayak i seen at dicks for 250? Is it going to be worth the money to fish some lakes and a little bit in the hot ditch area? Im open to all opinions. I dont know anyone personally that owns a kayak so im reaching out for some insight. Thanks, tight lines
  13. Just wondering if anyone has found the speckled trout yet. I havent been fishing very much the past couple weeks due to work. I had caught a handful of small ones a month ago and havent heard of anyone getting them and if they are sure arent saying much?