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  1. garbageman

    Looking for Bait

    Spot - Bull Minnows - Fiddler Crabs 757-771-5378 Ray
  2. When traveling east on I64 through Hampton Va. stop at Rod Father Bait and Tackle and see Captain Ray 720-B Armistead for all your fresh bait and tackle needs. Live crabs, eels, and spot, also fresh bunker, and mullet.
  3. Fished high tide and out early Sat. Bunker, Mullet, notta....
  4. garbageman


    Were can you buy Grundens in the Hampton Rds. area? What style is best for Chesapeake Bay winter fishing?
  5. Thanks RobVB. Anyone want to buy a permit
  6. Thanks for the report Mascus Where is Chicks Beach???
  7. I fish the boat ramp and ocean side high tide and out Friday night, fished the Pilot Dock and ocean side high tide and out Saturday night. Throwing 7 inch gulp shad with just a hook no lead. Great Action, No pick-ups or fish. Must not be holding my mouth right. Happy Fathers day.
  8. Hello and Merry Christmas Do you have openings for one person? If so, what is the rate?
  9. I was on the pier at 7am stayed until 2:30pm. We caught about 8 to 10 Spanish Mackerel. mostly keepers along with that many or more Blues, 1 about 4 pounds. I did not see any Drum caught. Water was clear, light wind, beautiful day.......
  10. garbageman

    Where To Start

    Thanks JPChase for the info on the permit. I wasn't aware of it. Thanks Shocker Pops for the drum catch at rodanthe pier. I will start there....
  11. Hello to All I plan on heading to OBX next weekend for my first surf fishing experience.I live in Hampton Va. and have never been to the Outer Banks. Can someone suggest where to start? Time of day? Tide? Is there better fishing in Va? I do not have a specific target fish. I have a 4x4 truck for the beach but no fishing cart yet. Can't wait to get my feet wet.
  12. garbageman

    First Time

    Thanks for the reply Don, Tony S, and Billy K; I did read his 101 article and will contact Mr. K