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  1. Sorry it's old news by now. Caught the usual mess of small black drum, puffers, and blues, and a few pompano. A dozen specks, all small. I was on vacation, Dad was here, and we fished every day. Ended with 8 slot-size pups and about 30 that were 17" (grrr!) on cut mullet or bluefish chunks. All were caught either 8-10am...or....5pm to sundown. Absolutely nothing after dark. I heard someone swear "don't ever let your bait touch tapwater or ice. it'll turn mealy and wash the flavor out." I've not noticed a difference either way. Any thoughts?
  2. Cool! Near the construction site? Beyond the windmills? Or by the Pilots side?
  3. Thanks BA. I'm going there Tuesday afternoon with the same strategy.
  4. Hey Andrew, is the Refuge open for surf fishing til sunset? Their website and phone service isn't clear...
  5. What does it mean "unlegal and illegal" to "shark fish" in VA Beach? I'm not chumming, and we can use cut bait and live bait to catch things, and have no control over what happens to cruise by and take a bite...so... If/when someone asks me if I'm sharking at the surf, i reply that I'm trying to catch big blues and mackerel which isn't a lie; I'd be pleased with such an outcome. In other news, my buddies and I surf a lot and can confirm the water's loaded with sharks and rays this year. I'm gearing up this weekend for "big blues and mackerel" somewhere up North End. Wink nod. And Cobia! Everyone loves a Cobia!
  6. Yeah, I wasn't expecting to catch anything. It's always a heart-pound to see a rod go all horseshoe suddenly. Cool website man!
  7. Agreed with Marlin Maniac. Bunker or chunks of cut mullet on a good hook are your primary weapons, the more the merrier. Spoons, big bucktails with grub tails, and maybe Storm lures if you come across surface action or a bait ball. Your chances will increase if you can find pilings, an inlet, or along rocks. Setting up shop on the open sand is lazier but may not produce.
  8. We had a daughter in April so my fishing year was slim, long trips not feasible. I was limited brief episodes at Crab Creek, Broad Bay Canal, and Lynnhaven Inlet (Lesner Bridge) and the fishing was extremely poor. Anyway: I caught a tagged puppy drum which came with a lovely T-shirt. Four Sheepshead went into fishcake burgers recipe that won me a trophy at my buddy's cookoff with 30 men and grills. I snagged a 40lb Cownose Ray and landed it. Nearby Philippinos joyfully carried it off and set it in the trunk of a small Hyundai.
  9. * I suck at fishing. * Every 15th wave begins a set of three waves which are larger than the previous 12 waves. Called a "set" by surfers. * I've never caught a skate between November and February in Virginia Beach. * Cut-bait needs to be reeled every 20 minutes to check integrity, longer if there are no crabs, shorter if the water is lively. * The stock fishing line that was on your cheap reel when you bought it will need to be upgraded before you leave the store. * I retie my knots every 20th cast or so, and especially after a big fish event. * Surf fishing is harsh: a fancy spinning reel with 150 ball bearings will soon have 150 locked-up bearings. * Two-piece surf rods can be kept tidy whilst folded for storage (with tackle attached!) using velcro straps commonly used for extension cords and microphone cables. When you arrive at the beach and deploy the rods, the velcro can be wrapped on the butt end of the rod so you don't lose them. * I painted all of my rods white so they're easier to see in the dark. * Attach a few small strips of reflective tape, commonly seen on trailers, to the end segments of your rods so they reflect flashlight. * Your bag of tricks must always include a 2-ounce gator spoon with sharp treble hook. Don't be caught without one. * Crabs don't eat fishbites * Skates don't eat fishbites * Skates can be easily handled by their nose. It's only cartlidge from the mouth forward, and the raspy spikes prevent fingers slipping. * Stingrays only have a stinger at the base of the tail; a short spike seperate from the whip tail. The whip tail is harmless. * Cow Nosed Rays can be easily carried around using both index fingers shoved in their big nostril holes on their forheads. * I only know two knots, and I practiced them at home, fine-tuning the technique until I can tie them perfectly without looking. Really handy at night and in the howling wind. It's a jaw-dropper if someone's watching too! * A rubber mallet is handy for installing sand spikes (rod holders) and you can knock-out a fish you're planning to keep * Bluefish taste fine: use the mallet as described above and then cut the tail off just ahead of the fork. The artery bleeds out quickly, then put the fish on ice. * The moment your baits hit the water, surfers will materialize on the dune, scan up and down the beach, see ONLY YOU, and surf ONLY right ontop of your lines. * Spiney Dog Sharks are a delicious white meat but a long process to clean. * Sharks don't pump water and must keep moving to breathe * A shark's heart is still beating 45 minutes out of water (perhaps longer). I've verified this through surgery. * Shark out-of-water-awhile CPR: One hand grasping the shoulder above the gill, other hand on the tail section. Rock her fore and aft through the water to get oxygen across the gills. She'll let you know when she's ready to leave. ** She may swim back to shore. Try again, and again, and again. If no luck, she may have brain damage. It was worth a try. * Old ladies' poorly trained dogs are your enemy. An ultrasonic-screeching dog repellent device is your friend. * "Stainless" does not mean "Rust proof" * Gore Tex products are great until they get wet, then they never dry out. * Frozen Fish: Put your filets / fish in the ziplock, fill with water til the fish is submerged, then squeeze the air out and seal. "It's like they never left the water" - Mom * Dr. Scholl's gel inserts will make your junk shoes feel like new AND act as a cold barrier. You can stand on ice all day, no worries. * Those $40 rod and reel combo rigs last me an average of 4 years, even amidst horrifying abuse and neglect. I take a lot of first-timers out fishing with me so this is a great value. (see the line warning near the top of the list though!) * I love PowerPro line, but it needs to be replaced every year. Most tackle shops will spool it for next-to-nothing if you buy the line from them.
  10. A dozen Spiny Dog Sharks, 2-3 ft in size. That is all. HA! Fished several afternoons for several hours at a time, 58th street, 6th street, the Jetty, using really good shrimp and horrifyingly putrid frozen bunker. Did you know that spiny dog sharks are delicious white meat? Once you eat one, you'll never throw another back. They're also the only shark on Virginia's They're-everywhere-but-nobody-keeps-them-except-weirdos-like-you-so-please-help-yourself list of fishes.
  11. I caught one striper in the VB surf last year right before Christmas, on cut mullet (was trying for some late-season puppy drum). It was 22". Approx 6th street. I'm sure everyone can agree about surf fishing, especially in winter: Never leave home without these in your tackle box: Two-ounce Gator or Hopkins spoons, and few two-ounce bucktail heads with a 6" grub tail (chartruse or white). I've seen this happen very quickly: the water can turn dark with a bait school, birds appear out of nowhere and start diving, and you can cut-n-splice something to throw at 'em quickly. They may not fancy your cut mullet at that point. I've scored big blues and the occasional striper that way. AndrewK is right. It's shallow for a long ways out, the bottom profile is really boring without any deep holes or swirling eddies, and we really haven't seen the bait balls needed to draw in the big predators. Perhaps it's overfishing in Maryland's spawning grounds at the Shenandoah flats? Perhaps overharvesting menhaden for Omega3 juice? Pesticide runoff? Climate Change? Whatever. If I knew the fishing forecast, I'd be a very rich man.
  12. I live at the base of Lesner. There are a few old Phillipinos who are permanent residents on the sand, and every day they catch 2 or three puppy drums but that's a lot of man-hours invested. Haven't seen a striper get caught yet. Keep an eye on the weather. A cold wind will make it unbearable and also determine what side of the bridge you'll fish from. Same goes for Sandbridge. As for rigs, ditto the person above. A sharp hook and keep FRESH bait on there, checking every 15 minutes it's still nice looking.
  13. I don't know where to CATCH them because I'm not sure where the bite is right now, but... Given your profile location of Oceanfront, try the following places to FISH for rockfish: 1. Along the wall under the West Great Neck Rd bridge 2. End of Pleasure House Road, walk to Chick's Beach and cast along the left side of the CBBT pilings at evening (in the street-light line) 3. Sea gull Pier at the 1st island of CBBT (Bring toll money) but check the fishing report on their website or call them first. 4. Lesner Bridge, either side (frustrating fishing) 5. Rudee, north side pocket along the rocks. Coked-up surfers will run you off though. 6. In years past, I've caught a few rockfish in the surf near 4th street on cut bait I cannot guarantee success at any of these places. Water temps below 57F is what we're looking for. Anyone else had any luck yet this year?
  14. I met a guy tonight who said "two nights ago", Friday I guess, they caught dozens of BULL REDS in the 40" range on Sandbridge Pier at dusk. I was suspicious, considering the ever-common "should've been here yesterday" reports AND the unbearable conditions... but then he produced hundreds of photos from a SmartPhone that looked legit and showed, indeed, several men on a pier smiling with big fish, including this dude. Can anyone confirm this? My Tuesday evening is free but I'd like to know before I grind my teeth through 150 red lights to get there. um.... wait... why was this guy at Lesner Bridge tonight catching seaweed and talking to me instead of slaying Sandbridge?
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