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    Sure do. I will hit you up next time I head that way.
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    Yeah Buddy, I am still around even find some time time to get out. Was down at back Bay all day labor day. Fished with Scott and Melody. Couple of Blues and a pompano, I think BA got all the reds. This weekend looks good but rough. I may give it a go tomorrow.
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    BA, I would stick to Back Bay. It doesn't get so crowded and you can fish untill 30 minutes after sundown. You know most of the guys that fish down there and most are good guys. I don't think there is much difference in the surf from Nags Head all the way up to Dam Neck and Back Bay is as good as any. You don't need to wait untill October they usually start coming through middle to end of September and taper off middle of October. If the bunker schools are in close the drum will be as well. Good luck.
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    Beached Cobia

    How would you chum from the beach?
  5. Islander80

    Beached Cobia

    Nice work Steve!!!
  6. Nice fish and thanks for the report.
  7. Haha. You look like you should be sticking up a 7/11. Yesterday was slow and today wasn't much better. I picked up a few roundhead and blues but that was it. The water was a lot warmer but dirty and no bunker. I had high hopes for this weekend but it didn't pan out. Still had a good time fishing with you.
  8. That is one pretty guppy, congratulations. A fish like that coming out the water must have been a sight to behold.
  9. WOW! That thing is a monster, congratulations! Sounds like a good day.
  10. Islander80

    Rudee Inlet

    My dad fished gotcha plugs half the day at rudee today. Hoping for some blues and didn't have a bite. They are usually here by now.
  11. Yeah I would put 50# power pro on the spinner and you will not need a shock leader. But keep in mined that braid will cut the crap out of your hand if you get a big fish so wear gloves. I would load your 6500 up with 17# sufix tritanium chartreuse and put a 50# mono shock leader on. There is a good post just below this one called "surf fishing tackle question". There is a lot of good info in that thread.
  12. The beach from Sandbridge though the refuge is about the same. It is flat with a cut or hole here and there. The nice thing about the refuge is there is no swimming and no surfing so it's not crowded and the folks that are there are fisherman. The bad thing about the refuge is it closes at sundown. I would fish the refuge during the day and fish near your rental at night. This time of year you can catch taylor blues on cut bait and lures, spot on Fishbite Blood Worm or real bloodworm, and puppy drum on cut bait, sandfleas, shrimp or fishbites. The puppy drum have all been below legal size but they should keep the kids happy. I've been catching them VERY close in like knee deep. If you put the heavers out at night with a spot head or chunk of bluefish you've got a good shot at a big drum or shark. Good luck let us know how you do.
  13. Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul and I have fished with a lot of you on this forum. This is my first post and I wanted to make it a good one. Me and Derek (aka 10NKO) hit Back Bay at 0630 this Sunday morning. The bunker were everywhere and the water was like glass. We snagged some bunker and put out the heavers. Then put out the close in rods. The small puppy drum where thick as could be two at a time on BWFB 5 yards off the beach. Derek started to catch a few 16" blues, small spinner sharks and a big round head. All I could manage was the small pups and I'm starting to get a little frustrated. About that time one of my heavers goes off and what ever it is is headed to France. I was only out about 60-70 yards and I didn't get this thing turned around till it was about 150 yards out. Yeah that little 656's drag was screaming. Then it was 10 feet in 5 feet out and a few hundred yard walk down the beach. Another fisherman named Rick stopped by as the fish started to come in close. All three of us see what it is at the same time....a big old cobia. Derek and Rick jump on down in the wash and wrestle it up on the beach. We were all pumped. Then reality sets in that we have a big fish to get off the beach. Derek just outfitted his cart with wheeleez and offers to let me throw it on his cart.Now that's a friend that will go toe to toe with a mad cobia in the wash and then haul it off the beach for you. I run it down to the LIP to get it weighed in. It had a fork length of 51" and a weight of 51lbs.
  14. Cut bunker. About the size of a half dollar. Heck Steve at that point what that rod and reel were doing was the last thing on my mine. But it survived.
  15. It ain't no 75lb monster but it will have to do.