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    Just got back from Sandbridge Vacation... Wanted to post what I caught for the week of 8/27 to 9/2 (catch/release) Stayed at a house on the canal on Blue Bill Drive half way up the canal First few days caught lots of small stripe bass, perch, a few small cats. on Wednesday caught a 30" Gar....First time I ever caught a Gar....put up a good fight and nothing but muscle... Then I took my Seadoo to the first Blind out on the Bay from the canal on Blue Bill on caught a lot of small large mouth Bass. and a 24" Cat. Also, took the Seadoo out of Rudee Inlet (Owls Creek) about 500 yards off the coast between the pier and the channel bouys at Rudee and ran into so many schools of Blues. Caught about 10-15 (catch/release). So it was fun for me for the week.. Great weather I live in Northern Virginia, so I don't get down to the Beach as much I as I would like too. Please keep posting on this Forum ...Love to see what everyone is doing.. ​Would post pics of the Gar & Cat, for some reason I'm too stupid to figure out how too. Thanks,
  2. backbaygallup

    Surf fishing help

    Thanks Mark.... Exactly what I was looking for....Appreciate the suggestions.... Also....I'm bringing down the Seadoo...Thinking about going out and troll off the coast.... Any suggestions on that?
  3. Need some help.... I'll be down at Sandbridge on vacation from 9/20 to 9/30... I have very limited experience surf fishing...spent my summers cane pole fishing in Back Bay & Knotts Island. I would love to do some Surf Fishing at the North-end of Sandbridge and need to know what's biting and what type of bait to use. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Charlie
  4. Thanks kdfarmer & Tony....appreciated the info & link....will give a daily update of what happens that week...bbg
  5. First let me say cane pole fishing & crabbing with my Uncles, off their Cabins and Blinds in Back Bay , in the late 60's.70's was greatest childhood a man could have. (miss you Uncle Dick, Bruce, Paul, cousin Dan) I will be down at the beach staying at Croaton and was hoping to take my Son-in-law, out of Rudee Inlet for some trolling off the coast a few hundred yards? With my Jet Ski...What can I expect to catch mid-august? any suggestions for bait?....I have the rods/rigs ready just need to know what to bait for. Any suggestion would greatly appreciated. Thanks

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