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  1. New angler here and am getting more hooked daily. 22 years old and was just lucky enough to by my first deep water access home right on the lynhaven. My girl just got me a 7 ft heavy st croix avid and a calcutta 400. For mostly bay and flatts fishing. It feels great . I also just picked up a calcutta 250 and I'm looking for a decent rod to pair with it. This will be mainly my inshore flats set up. My buddy insists on heavy action rods and I'm understanding the reason seeing as mostly shark, reds, and cobia. My question is what's a good combo for the 250 calcutta. Why do tackle shops generally not stock heavy action rods. I never see anyone with a heavy but mostly MH.. Is this what I should be looking for? Thanks guys any rod help would be appreciated looking in the 6'6 range seeing as I got the 7heavy avid for bay
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