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  1. Visiting my friend Erik on Hot Wasabe next weekend to fish Saturday afternoon inshore and Sunday, but we're debating where to go. More interested in Mahi, Tuna and Wahoo. Any suggestions?
  2. Nice fish, I tried the tower Reef yesterday, nothing, then we moved to the 4th and 3rd islands, nothing on the 4th, but we caught 4 keepers and 3 throwbacks on the third. My father, who had never caught a tautog before, caught the first one, on a rig setup that completely surprised me. He had simply put a fiddler on the end of his flounder rig, put it on the bottom and held it barely off the bottom, letting the crab move freely. My 2 friends and I quickly switched to that setup and we caught the next 6 in an hour. Saturday we caught two Dogfish at Smith island, and decided to try them, so I gutted them as soon as they were in the boat, and they didn't turn out too bad with italian seasoning and olive oil.
  3. I don't think you're allowed to drive on any of the beaches in Virginia unless you're down in Sandbridge. May I suggest buying a fishing kayak?
  4. Where is a good area to go?
  5. I have yet to go deep dropping, but from what I understand, once you bring a fish up from such a deep depth, it's usually fatal, since the fish will develop the bends just like a human diver would. I've seen people come back from a deep drop trip with their limit of Tilefish, and they aren't that big. so how do you target other species to make going on a run that long worth it? This is going to hurt the head and charter boats that deep drop to save their trip if they don't catch any Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi or Marlin.
  6. Don't tell him that, he'll miss it and wind up in New England or New Brunswick
  7. Tony at Atlantic Bait and Tackle said he'd do a walk-on down to Rudee inlet for $225 per person plus the mates tip. I think that's fairly reasonable given how much we were paying for fuel last year.
  8. Well if anyone has looked at the Oregon inlet fishing report, they posted a nice picture a boat landing a nice Bluefin. So if anyone might be looking to make a new friend to split the cost of fuel, and bring a pack of beer and ballyhoo, hit me up. I'm free this weekend, and the last weekend of March.
  9. Lived in Hawaii too long, I'm used to calling them Mahi.
  10. E beach is located past the Golf course on Little Creek. I was putting a live croaker on a fish finder rig, how do you think I caught the sharks?
  11. I'll be heading out tomorrow, sunday and monday. Weather Sunday is looking great for an Offshore run.
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