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  1. Conditions have improved. Still mostly bluefish (8"-14"), but there were also a few spot just past sunrise. There was also a small bunker pod right in front of me for almost an hour. The bluefish were all over it. No puppy drum, but definitely more activity, including the birds. Structure was still lacking overall, but I did find a good rip current.
  2. Fished BBNWR Sunday morning. Strong current from S to N for the whole incoming tide. I was drifting with 6nbait. I was catching small bluefish (8"-10"), but did catch a fiesty 16" one. I also caught a 10" pompano and some roundhead. The structure has been different down there this summer... more of a shelf then the normal sloughs. At low tide I have had to cast farther to try to get to deeper water. High tide has been a little more forgiving. Hopefully this tropical storm off the coast will move some sand around. Rob
  3. Fished BBNWR Sunday morning and caught a few puppies that were just over the slot. But, I think the big boys have moved on. The spot appears to have moved on as well.
  4. RobVB


    Fresh cut bait.
  5. Lots of guys swear by the improved albright (Alberto). I use to use it. It's a great knot when tied properly. I switched to the Red Phillips last season... also a great knot. It doesn't test as high as Alberto, but it's easy to tie and plenty strong. I use 30# braid w/40# mono shock. This knot consistently test in 80% range. My drag is usually 10# or less. Works great for my purposes. Small profile so it casts great too. Rob
  6. Andrew K, it was good to see and speak with you again. Also, thanks again for the stingsilver and the tips on how to use it. I'm guessing that you meant 24" (not 44"). I think you're just use to posting about BIG fish! :-) (If it was 44.... my apologies and congratulations!) I'm looking forward to great a Summer and Fall of surf fishing! Rob
  7. Lot's of good information and advice from these great guys. It's been my observation, at least on the beach, that many of them prefer 8nbait using heavers and conventional reels. Of course, they are usually targeting BIG fish too! 8 oz is tough to throw with a spinning outfit. I find 5-6 works for me given where I like to fish and my gear. Of course, most of these guys can also outcast me. I actually prefer a spinnig outfit and generally target keeper size puppy drum & roundhead. With spinning gear, I typically throw 80 yards. This is with a bank sinker in a tennis ball and measured in a field. I believe I get about the same distance when fishing on the beach with bait. This is usually enough where I fish since I try to fish just inside the first bar, or maybe on top, depending on tide stage and conditions. Braid does help to increase performance of a spinning setup. Color of braid doesn''t appear to matter since I use a shock leader of mono anyways. My advice would be to get out there and experiment. You'll start to figure out what gear and techniques you prefer. Good luck!
  8. Tried BBNWR Sunday morning. Nada.... not even a bump. I'm guessing the water along the coast is still cooler than the Bay. The bouy at Duck is still reading mid to upper 40's. My son and I saw a humpback whale heading north just outside the outer bar. There were some birds diving out there as well.
  9. I would of thought the water was too cold. I also read on another forum about drum dying off the eastern shore behind a barrier island, possibly due to cold water. Just when I think I might be starting to figure it out....
  10. This was the 2nd summer that my son and I fished BBNWR. I think we went every Sunday that we were in town. It feels like we're starting to get the hang of it. This year was more successful.... the fish we caught were bigger and a wider variety of species. Our highlight this summer was catching several keeper sized puppy drum in the surf. My son also caught a keeper size black drum. We also caught several pompano in the 10-14" range. My next goal is to catch a bull red in the surf. It was also great meeting Capt. Ron and Andrew K this year. We look forward to meeting more of you in the coming year. Happy New Year!
  11. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  12. Now that it's ended.... How was it this year?