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    led lighting on boats
  1. mbike2003

    LED Lights

    anyone interested
  2. Need a water sample from the gulf steam for a science project anyone willing to do something while they are out in the stream fishing soon. Would need 20 liters from the surface. Have two buckets with lids. Hope to be able to do this by the weekend.
  3. mbike2003

    LED Lights

    I have 4 of the below lumitec flood lights led never used retail for 159$ willing to sell them for 110$. attached pictures Lumitec's Caprera Flood light is standard equipment on more top tier boats than any other LED flood light. Why? Quality, Performance, and Value. Utilizing Lumitec's proprietary light engine technology, it is a perfect replacement for 55W Halogens. Small in size (40% smaller than comparable lights) low power consumption (80% less current draw than a 55W Halogen) and completely sealed and IP 67 compliant. Powder coated die cast aluminum housing is salt-spray tested to 3,000 hrs. And as with all high powered Lumitec lights, completely designed and manufactured in the USA. I also have 2 ocean led T 3 for sale for 100$ each in white here is a description of the light. attached pictures Amphibian T3 Trailer Boat Series The New Amphibian Trailer Boat Series of LED lighting is the ideal choice for the trailered boat. Equally as bright as the Amphibian Classic series but without the sea growth resistant Tritonium Lens intended for boats that are in the water longer term. A great value! The Amphibian T3 is exceptionally easy to install and may be used above or below the water line such as on the transom, hull, engine brackets, t-top, under the gunnels, and even on the trailer for night launching. Not intended for use as dock lighting. Ultra low power draw, no start-up current required. Features ⅜" hole in hull Equal to 50w Halogen 12vDC 40,000+ hour life Chemically resistant polymer Twin core wire Factory sealed unit