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  1. any thought as to why VB fishing pier doesn't catch more drum....?
  2. fished inside inlet Sunday morning but had to call it quits due to her feeling nauseas (it was rough in a 16' chaperral so we motored back in and fished the surf only to catch sharks but managed to catch a 21 flounder on cut sea mullet with a 8o circle hook. Monday was calmer and fished the inlet out of the boat again but only to lose a handful of rigs to the sharks....caught about a 100 grey trout trying for bait on the sabiki rig.. maybe they are on the rise??? all in all a learning experience. FYI no dogs on assateagueisland ... no alcohol... and you have to pay 8.00 to get on the beach.
  3. I don't mind a little company black adder but it's the trashy kooks , morons , & muttonheads I can do without... Luckily the spot isn't so accessible. Not everybody can ride a bike in 15mph+winds
  4. Yearlings at bbnwr on the incoming tide last Sunday. Couldn't hook into any big girls. Will try again soon.
  5. thanks for the report... fished Seagull pier yesterday to only catch skate after skate after skate.. etc.. before I could even set my drag and clicker , a skate would steal the bait..
  6. usual suspects as in the ones with stripes?
  7. whats the parking situation? and what to use for bait.. eels for the rocks? never fished in the surf for rocks?
  8. OB_2_VB


    Good luck TCdennis, it will be fun regardless! Its about time we've had some summer'ish weather. it was a brutal winter.
  9. Fished Rudee inlet and all around Owls creek today. Caught a handful of flounder and the taylor blues were running all over the place... also saw a kayaker hook into a nice puppy drum using cut bait; looked to be over slot.... all in all the fishing was good. tioght liones people.. get out there and post a report!
  10. strong work fellas... sounds fun...
  11. first of all I don't know how many guys out there are catching strippers but... that'd be cool.. You can never go wrong with a Carolina rig with a size 4 or 2 circle hook with fresh bait. (the fresh part is key) Cut mullet, menhaden, spot, and shrimp all work. You just might hook up to a puppy drum if you fish the surf in either sandbridge or lesner. soak a bait and cast some jigs or mirrolure while you wait for a bite.. get out there post a report if you catch fish.. get em!
  12. thanx Zambezi. helps out a ton! cant wait to hook into a 20+lb cat. never caught a big one before... nothing like catching fish the rip drag...
  13. fished the Elizabeth river aka hot ditch.. the place is unreal... caught a ton of trout. only kept 4 b/c I was with someone who isn't afraid to eat em'.. ill pass... anyway got out there early around 4a.m. fished till sunup. Caught a few on Zara spook saltwater series and the rest on the trusty 808 mirrolure. get out there- post a report
  14. Wondering where a good place to catch rockfish with a heaver might be in the hampton roads area?
  15. Fished the wright memorial bridge the later half of the day yesterday.. caught small rockfish, a couple keepers, nothing to write home about but it was fun non the less. some guys were trolling... we were casting hitting every piling; started on the Currituck side and worked towards kitty hawk. get out there. ... post a report

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