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  1. Sorry for the delayed report, but the holidays have been busy. My first trip in almost a year and it was NICE to finally get back on the water, and plan to fish like crazy this year. So we put in first thing at Lynnhaven and turned the corner at the lighthouse. At about 9am the birds started showing up, pretty sporadically but seemed to concentrate about 2 miles off of the lighthouse. Nothing like a beehive, but they were there. Trolled a few stretch 30's, an umbrella and a mojo with a parachute trailer. Within an hour we bagged 2 decent fish, 36" and 39". both hitting the red and white stretch (must be the color of the year). So it wasnt a skunk, everyone went home with a few nice filets, and it was a beautiful day on the water. I have also attached updates of my back tattoo pics. Finally found a place for a cobia =) Its ALMOST there! Happy New Year folks! Dan Mikes first Rock Kenny with a nice fatty A big smile from me, happy to be back My back complete (for now) Added a cobia to the side - The belly is red from the pic being taken right after the work was done, but will end up being white. The tattoo artist is Mike at Dilligaf Tattoo in Richmond
  2. Still a bunch of sittings to go, with a few more fish additions then to start filling in and touching up. Just added the rays this weekend.
  3. I'll make sure to post more pics and the work is progressing
  4. Oh I did! I meant to say Port Royal Sound off Parris Island. He is definitely going to check it out!
  5. Thanks! So far, about 12 trips over 6 months. I am going weekly now and just switching sides while the other side heals. Above what you can see in the pic I have a Florida Grand Slam (redfish, trout, snook) that is older and he will be touching up, as well as a flounder and stretch lure on the top below the neck. Didnt wanna show that til he touches them up LOL. Dan
  6. Hi Folks! I have been on haitus, working on replacing the motor and staying busy with other things. Now that the boat is ready to roll, I will be looking forward to sharing the waters again soon! In the meantime, I wanted to share a project I have been working on. A full back tattoo dedicated to my passion of saltwater sportsfishing. It started with the sailfish in the middle as a dedication to my dad, who taught me the art of fishing and still fishes hard in the Beaufort Sound in SC. Then I just added fish by fish. The latest additions are the rockfish in the upper left (that orange will turn to gold and silver when it heals) and the blue crab at the bottom. I have a tuna coming next on the other side next weekend in addition to finishing the baitfish, and who knows what else. Still a long way to go but I wanted to share and will update the progress! The fish artwork is based on Guy Harvey paintings, he is the best! The rest of the seaweed, rocks, etc are all freehand by my tattoo artist here in Richmond. If you would like his contact info let me know! Peace! Dan
  7. It was good to see you again Bob! Glad to hear the boat did ran great for ya! Hopefuly I will get my issues corrected in time for drum season, but at least we were back at the dock safe and sound. Capt Ed is the man, and that Seatow membership is so worth it!
  8. Never caught one myself, but I do recall a post by Julie Ball last year I think with pictures of one they caught. Regarding paper, for 'any shark' species it lists 72" as an estimated release citation (even though there is nothing I recall in the rules regarding protected or endangered species, as long as its released alive...after all, you have no control over it taking your bait).
  9. I have found it to be varied with the full moon, although I will never fish the Beaufort Sound in SC again at my dads during a full moon The tide gets ripping so hard during that time that even moored bouys are forced below the water level. Impossible to keep baits on the bottom.
  10. Well 5 buddies and myself took our annual "Team ADT" trip aboard the Knock Down with Capt Nolan and Steve doing the work. Left Rudee at 7:30. As always, Nolan put us right on the fish, almost immediately, and had our limit by 9:30, the largest in the 30lb range. The gannets sure don't seek shelter in nasty weather and seas, thats for sure! Other than the cold rain, 3-4 foot seas, a few of us (including myself) assisting with 'over the rail chumming, it was a great trip! Spent the next couple of hours looking for bigger class to trade, but all catch and release. We were back at the dock by noon to clean the catch. Other than Nolans usual top-notch skipper skills, probably the thing that impressed us seasoned fishermen most was Steves ability to pull braid with his bare hands in the freezing cold to get the fish on board.....WOW and OUCH! Thanks again guys!
  11. Great report yourself! And I agree with trying to troll with just 2 onboard, it truly is a chore, especially when trying to work in the fleet!
  12. Thanks and a good job yourself! I agree with any fish even remaining after yesterday! It was crazy... Also, my buddy in Norfolk demand I add the following statement to my story: "we went to the good looking every woman wants him bassist Walt from the local band Scarz Within who needs you to buy cds t shirts hats so he can support his booze habit and mansion in norfolk"
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