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  1. Hey Bob! good to see you too hope everything is good with everyone! Here is a video of the HOO was the biggest one I have seen landed.
  2. Hey Guys it has been ages since I have posted here... Hope everyone is doing great I have been busy flipping houses business has been great and decided to take my employees out for an offshore trip. We went with Kurt Ward on The Waterman out of the Fishing Center. We started out at the fingers action was slow we had several baby Mahi trying to get hooked but there were just too small. Kurt Decided to pick up and run to the Norfolk Canyon .. a great call.. Lines in within 3 minutes Boom we had a 65 lb Wahoo .. Was my electrician William's 1st Citation and biggest fish of his life. He was talking about it the rest of the day and probably will be all day today also. 30 minutes later we have a double hookup both Yellowfin Rob and Ryan are up again for both of them the biggest fish in their lives. 50 lb and a 25lb. Lines back in Boom John is up a 45lb Yellowfin John has been fresh water fishing most of his life. He told me I ruined fresh water fishing for him. After this trip he feels like he lost desire for freshwater.He definately is hooked on salt water now. I was up next short work on a 45 lb Yellowfin. Last up was Xavier Hooked up on a 180 lb Bigyeye fight took about an hour and wore that man out. Xavier is a big guy about 6'3" 240 Id guess. He likes to talk and was razzing the guys about how the little fish wore them out. Well it all came around as this BigEye wore him out pretty good and he sure caught some lip about it. Was a fantastic day offshore weather was calm 5-10 waves 2ft everyone caught a fish and 2 citations. Could not ask for a better day. Kurt did a great job most boats out there were having a slow day. Would definately recommend this Captain. Video of landing of the Bigeye Tom
  3. Saw this article on another site it seems they may shut down bluefin tuna fishing commercial and rec. Tom http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/species/fish/bluefintuna.htm
  4. Just got word that Max King is the new YELLOWFIN Dealer for Va and Md Congrats Max!!!!
  5. Thanks Big T Just another year older. Tom

    New ride

    Congrats Mark, Sailfish makes a nice boat. Tom
  7. The first notice from a collection agency gives you 30 days to dispute the validity of the claim. If the school claims you owe it pay it if you can as it will not appear on your credit report if you pay them in that time period.
  8. Tony, This should be the correct view from your office.
  9. I have some experience with the Hummingbird side imaging... Give me a call 424-3686 Tom
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