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  1. I read on this post someone asking about running baits at Back Bay and nobody answered. Are you able to run baits at Back Bay? Thanks
  2. I finally moved to Chesapeake this past weekend. I am looking to go fishing tomorrow-Friday if anyone wants to join. text/call me 8326615031.
  3. Have the cobia's started running off VA beaches? When do the big "bull" reds start running?
  4. Sounds like I'm getting there right on time haha Bringing some lures from Texas with me, they should do some damage there.
  5. Sounds good, I'm moving to Chesapeake from Houston, TX May 8th. I'm looking for froward to fishing over there.
  6. JCR8787 Thanks for the info, I sold my ride 135. I'm actually looking to buy a new model hobie outback. My girl also wants a kayak so one of us is getting a used one haha Thanks for the info guys, I'm looking forward to the fish area and learn a few things.
  7. I'm finally moving to Chesapeake from Houston, TX 2nd week of May. I've fished my entire life in Galveston, TX in the surf/pier fishing. Are there any areas where I can drive on the beach and do some surf fishing? I see Sandbridge pier is good spot, any other piers near by? I will have to make a trip down to NC and do some shark fishing. Any members on sharksonthesand.com? Any advice will help. If anyone wants to tag along on a trip, just let me know. Jose
  8. I"m bringing a couple of reels with me. Do you have a couple of extra rods I could use? If not I can buy a couple. Where are you going? Thanks
  9. Hey guys, I'll be visiting my girlfriend next week from Houston, TX. I won't have any of my gear with me, but would like to do some fishing while I"m there. Is there a place to rent some decent gear? If anyone needs a fishing buddy for a couple days, I'll provide the beers Thanks Jose
  10. Hey guys, I'll be visiting my girlfriend from July 3rd-July 13th in Chesapeake area. I won't have any of my gear with me but will like to do some pier, surf or charter fishing. Is there a place to rent out some decent gear?? I might be moving down later this year, so i'm looking for fishing spots haha Any help is appreciated.
  11. nice trip, can't wait to fish up there. Looks like I'm moving to Chesapeake area from Houston, TX. Do I need a boat to fish this area?? I have a kayak that I can fish out of or do some bank fishing. Any advice will help, Thanks.
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