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  1. Soon, soon, VERY soon........it will be time!
  2. BBNWR yesterday - Friday July 30th Small spot, small blues, small dogfish from low to high tide. Not much else, but a beautiful day anyway.
  3. That drum is a pretty fish! Those cobia are nice too.
  4. I can agree with Black Adder 100% about fishing the Chick for blues right now! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10102785693614620&l=6c85f8c948 You can go a really longtime between big fish, but it is so worth it until the bulls return in April/May to the coast! I had easily gone 30-40 hours with nothing before catching this beauty.
  5. Found this old topic, was thinking of hitting Colonial Parkway tomorrow night even though it is freezing! Any areas better than others just in generaL? THANKS
  6. Hi, Thinking of fishing tomorrow, likely from around noon to 8-9 pm. Where should I go? I would like to keep my feet on the sand if possible. Is it possible to fish on beach and have success around the VA Beach pier at night? How about Ocean View? Can you or is there a way to fish the CBBT from the land where it heads out to the bay? TIA Skunkdoc P.S. Never did get my bull drum, eagerly waiting for spring! I even tried the Sandbridge beach by the pier at night under the lights.
  7. I wish I could make my way down to NC anywhere. I am still going to Back Bay in hopes of one but I know that with the weather, water temp and other factors the likelihood is between 0-1%. Never know.
  8. I went during the worst. Dumb. But I drove all that way so tried. Wait till next spring :-)
  9. Well as luck would have it I can't go until Saturday afternoon around 2-3 and fish to 8 or so. It may very well be unfishable by then. Calling for sustained north winds of 25-30 mph. I'm still going. If I get lucky and catch one what a story. See you there!
  10. BA Based on current weather forecast what day would you recommend? Friday before storm with ne winds? Or Saturday during blow? Ty Skunkdoc
  11. Black Adder what I would've given just for a line screamer! And you know, aside from a single small stingray I have not caught one shark of any size or kind in all my days of fishing out there these past two months.
  12. Fishon - So I have pretty much that setup for the surf that I am using, but my rods are conventional and 12'. I would think I want a shorter rod, more in the 9-10' range? Is spinning better than conventionl? Or can I use them just fine? Knotwish'n - I actually have that very reel and a 650ss, but they need cleaning and such. I have been using a saltwater Okuma cedros spinning reel with 30lb braid in the surf for jigging/plugging. Would that work on a 10'3" St. Croix Mojo too? My plan is to go catch myself a bucket full of live 4-6" spot and croaker the day before. Good idea?
  13. It looks like the weather is going to be nice and crappy this coming Wednesday. I am still searching for a big drum. I have never fished from a pier for anything. What tackle do I need to chase drum (and stripers). Or to put it another way what can I use from my surf gear? Specific advice on this particular pier is also welcomed. I plan on going during the day most likely. TYIA
  14. Okay, I have given myself every chance I could at the refuge with no luck. Lots of nice pups, but no bulls, never even lucked out with a run. If there are still any bulls to be had, where and when is my best chance? Seagull Pier at early morning or night? Any place that would be worthwhile during the day?
  15. Isn't the James River Pier closed for demolition and reconstruction? How does one fish the bridge?