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  1. I do have access to a boat and someone willing to take me out when they go. I also have a sail rig for my kayak. Billfish and tuna will wait until I have a better kayak though. I also have seen people Cobia fishing by the bay bridge, though Idk if its normal. Thanks for the info though. Do you have any recommendations in the Hampton Roads area? Ive only been to one and wasnt to impressed, by the tackle or the employee
  2. Im new to saltwater fishing, I grew up fishing lakes and creeks for trout, bass, carp etc. I recently picked up a Sealine 600h and I have an Abu Garcia Ambassador 5600sx. Im looking for tackle for my kayak fishing. Things like striper, tilefish, seabass, king mackeral, and eventually billfish and tuna. I have a variety of softbait up to about 3in, a handful of various spoons and some crankbait. Any suggestions for tackle and bait would be greatly appreciated.
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