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  1. Welcome aboard! I have no idea right now but been planning to go there right after the installation of the brake kit and tis wheels on my current truck project. Hope someone would chime in.
  2. How's your set up for T Top? Appreciate any info. TIA
  3. My buddy is looking for slip as well, we'll just finish the installation of new set site of tires and 4 wheeler parts on his current TRX project. Found a cheaper one?
  4. Sounds a great weather and catch back then. How's the using of the yak e doodle so far?
  5. Care to share some info about Blackish Water?
  6. All I know too the Back Bay have them. How's your research so far?
  7. Great catch on the Christmas day. We're planning a few trip before the month ends, just need to finish the installation of anew set of tires and ion wheels on the truck. We're excited.
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