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  1. Vitamin Sea

    RABUD Offshore Tackle Storage

    Is it still available
  2. Vitamin Sea

    Where to Buy King StarBoard or Taco Marine Lumber?

    Norva plastics has some pieces on ebay also and will cut to sizes if needed Ask for Bruce Good Guy and owner
  3. Vitamin Sea

    Simrad Electronics

    Second that Seaport marine Electronics
  4. Vitamin Sea

    WTB used t top

    looking for a used t top for 20ft center console project Boat any reasonable condition Greg
  5. Vitamin Sea

    Raymarine A65

    ts a great unit but it is Discontinued #1 # 2 it will not recieve WAAS information with the current antenna its shipped with you have to upgrade the Rs112 antenna to the RS125 to get WAAS accuracy #3 the DSM25 sounder modules you need to make it a sounder is also discontinued and are very rare to find ,any one who has on will be there only stock and will not be replenished as per Raymarine If waas isn,t important its a great unit, you could Buy a DS600 raymarine sounder to pair it up with from Bethelmarineelectronis.com for 325 with transducer and have a decent setup just spend the extra bucks to get the waas antenna from raymarine Do a search on Thehulltruth.com for more info I have seen the A65 advertised as low as 349.00 I was in your same boat just a couple weeks ago hope this helps Greg
  6. Vitamin Sea


  7. For sale New Airmar B744v bronze thru hull Triducer 50/200khz transducer for sell never used bought for Garmin asking 250 OBO comes with valve but no fairing greg 839-6111
  8. I have a few family members looking to go wreck fishing this weekend, Sunday or Monday or next weekend . I tried Smokin Gun (Chandler Hogg) but they are either booked or not answering emails or phone . If anybody have any recommendations it will be appreciated, would love to get into some nice togs if possible Greg
  9. your late there's a guy already there. good luck on second
  10. monitor merrimac bridge is full of horse croakers and spades & flounder james river side
  11. If he couldn't get it together after a few fish It wasn't gonna be your buddies day It was a good sick day though I him for ruffin it out as long as he did but when the gods call upon a victim , you must
  12. If this is winter I wonder whats spring gonna be like congrats on the catch