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  1. Pretty good chance that the guy had no idea what a chum slick is, and had no idea that he was compromising yours. Perhaps you could have raised him on 16 and convinced him to do donuts elsewhere. Or, you could heave some 6 ounce slip sinkers at him. I'm just sayin.
  2. You guys take this much too seriously, chillax. It was previously posted how honorable the commercial guys are. I thought that I'd offer up some opposing evidence to support my original position....namely that there are tremendous pressures placed on rockfish. Humans have proven wonderfully adept at wiping out species over the years. That's not just left-wing, tree-hugging, up north whack job opinion....it's a fact. We love to fish, love to eat fish, and love to share this with others for the enjoyment alone. Others fish for their mortgage, food and health care. I too like to think that most commercial guys are (very) hardworking and honest people. But just like the recreational guys who have been caught this year on the wrong side of the line, or with too many fish, a few commercial guys are crooked. This impacts the resource that hurts YOUR chances of catching, eating (or releasing) a trophy fish, or your kids chances in the future. And that is all this thread was ever about, taking care of and protecting the resource. After all, I want to catch huge stripers when I'm 80. Am I the only guy on here who remembers the rockfish moratorium?? Or a bay full of big bluefish, tons of big jimmy crabs, oysters etc?
  3. US Charges Nine With Rockfish Trafficking. The Washington Post (2/3, B8, Fahrenthold, Wilber) reports, "A ring that trafficked in illegally caught rockfish from the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River handled 600,000 pounds of the fish over four years, with a retail value between $3 million and $7 million, a federal law enforcement official said yesterday." The Post continues, "That was the first official estimate of the damage allegedly done by the group, which prosecutors say included fishermen and the owner of a Georgetown seafood market. Nine people have been charged so far after a four-year undercover operation that authorities called the largest-ever probe of illegal commercial fishing in the region." The Post adds, "State fisheries officials in Virginia and Maryland said yesterday that they had not yet been told how many rockfish the group took. ... In court documents, authorities say the fishermen circumvented limits on the catch of rockfish, in some cases under-reporting their catch or falsifying data about the way certain fish were caught. Authorities say some fish were caught in large nets, for instance, but they were reported as having been caught on hook and line. As a result, the fish were counted against a different state quota. ... Authorities have also charged Robert Moore Sr., the owner of Cannon Seafood in Georgetown, in the case. ... All the defendants in the case were charged with violating the Lacy Act, a federal law that prohibits the creation of false records for fish and wildlife or transporting illegally harvested wildlife."
  4. I hate Dallas. The cheerleaders are usually hot, but that's the only thing about them I like.
  5. Seems to me the fishing has been more on than off. This is no different from any other season as far as I can see. Catch 30 monsters today, go back tomorrow under identical circumstances, drag the same stuff, mark bait and fish, and catch zero....that fishin.
  6. My hat is off to you and your son for taking the hard way out of this. The rule is petty I will admit but obviously there needs to be some standard to uphold. Professional athletes and politicians lie and cheat all day. Very classy of you and your son to take the high road. Thanks for sharing the rest of the story. Piece of paper or no, neither you or your son will ever forget that fish, or that day.
  7. I do it frequently and it's a blast. I use both light spinning gear and fly rods. I also troll as well. The challenge is finding them concentrated and relatively stationary, otherwise they are constantly just out of range. Some days it works and some it doesn't. Almost anyone can land a big fish if it's hooked on a stand up rod and has 40+ pound test. And if the boat is in gear while you're winching the fish in you lose much of the feel of the "fight". Whatever, different strokes for different folks. While I enjoy eating fish, I primarily do it for fun and if I lose one or two I don't care. Now, if it's a tuna or mahi that's a different story! I always take light tackle along when trolling. If the fish are frantic and feeding in the top of the water column I'll stow the heavy stuff and break out the light. If you're really lucky and they're feeding on top use surface plugs. I take windcheaters which swim crooked and knock the lip off of them and turn them into Zaraspooks. Omit the forward hook and mash the barbs down on the aft. Sometimes they'll go nuts trying to eat the lure and multiple fish will attack it. Now that's fun. Easy to do at night against the pilings, but those are usually smaller fish. If you get to do this with the monsters it's phenomenal.
  8. I'd probably have to eat a dozen small females to get the same amount of roe from one large fish. And, if I release the small females and only eat the males, then I have almost zero impact. Kind of like with the Jimies eh?
  9. KD, I agree 100% regarding the menhaden fleet. I blame them for the loss of the bluefish (remember them??) and for taking too much out of the bay, year after year. They have high powered corporate cash behind them, and the hook and line guys have little. I don't think that you cannot, nor should not, keep legal slot fish (28"-34"), that was never my intent. Perhaps my wording could have been mo' betta'. Year in, year out the slot sizes change, but if it's a female over 32" or so, it's going back in the water even if a legal fish. That's my limit. I fish a lot when the weather allows and I could easily kill 20-40 BIG fish per winter if I chose. Multiply that by another angler or two on my boat per trip. I let 'em go and eat the schoolies, that's all that I'm saying. A little conservation goes a long way. Out.
  10. Guys & Gals, WHereas: *The bay and ocean are FULL of small schoolie rock which make for fun fishing and great eating... *The majority of the big fish are cows capable of laying a gazillion eggs year after year... *The last time I was out there were at least 250 boats fishing just off the beach... *Each boat had at least two anglers and many had more... *We've already almost wiped out these fantastic sportfish once in recent times.... *The commercial guys seem to have no freakin' limit to what they can and do kill... *The fish are predictable and follow seasonal migratory patterns (making them susceptible to overharvest)... *The fish are EASY to catch repeatedly and recover quickly from stress / mouth injury in cold water... PLEASE CONSIDER releasing your big fish after taking their picture and take ONLY what you will eat! Our grandkids will thank us and we will be able to wail on them year after year. Respectfully, Guido the fishing and hunting V8 driving treehugger
  11. A buddy of mine has a sweet offshore boat and is looking to bring it this way for a few days of fishing. When is the best time to target (late summer/fall) tuna out of VB and where would you head if you could? Obviously any other large pelagic would be welcome as well. Thanks in advance for any info.
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