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  1. The tournament director is looking for a few rods and reels to borrow for the event.. The kids will be fishing from shore/pier. If you have any that they can use, please let them know! Thanks!
  2. THE GUPPIE CHALLENGE - kids fishing tournament to be held here in Cape Charles on July 4th. Not all the kids will have their own poles so I am looking to borrow some for the kids to use. If you have any spare simple fishing poles with reels on them to use off the town fishing pier - I would so appreciate it if I could borrow them or you could also donate any old ones that are taking up space. I will return them and be personally responsible for there safe keeping. Check out the attached flyer for other tournament and sponsorship information.
  3. Anyone fishing the HVOO?? Captains Meeting is tonight with fishing days 15-18th.
  4. Nice...another project for me to work on when I get home...resorting Skinny's Kid!! LOL Looks great Chris!!
  5. It won't be long Capt!! Hoping for another great season! Best of luck to you and look forward to your reports!! --Don
  6. Hey all! Here's a video of our catches this year out of Costa Rica! Enjoy!
  7. Congrats!! That's a hard statement to say...'One small enough to bring in'. Pretty work Capt!
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