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  1. Just thought you'd like to know. I e-mailed my legislators in Richmond last week to voice my support for the menhaden bills. Got a reply from Sen. Frank Wagner's Legislative Assistant informing me that the menhaden industry was not controlled by the legislature but rather the ASMFC. When I replied that Omega spends countless dollars yearly contributing to campaign funds of legislators and lobbies them heavily and suggested perhaps this is why the bills never get anywhere, she went off on me. Here's a sample: "It is interesting to me that you would write to voice your concerns, and yet think so little of elected officials that you believe a campaign donation can buy a vote", and "Over these years, my observation has been that the people most willing to impugn another's integrity have very little of their own". I have e-mailed the entire communication to several people and organizations and all have said her claims and attitude were outrageous and laughable.
  2. Because of some serious health problems, I am going to have to use an electric winch for my boat. It's a 16 ft. C-Hawk with a 60 HP Yamaha 4 stroke and probably fully loaded weighs less than 2000 lbs. I know absolutely nothing about electric winches. Can anyone give me advise on brands, local dealers, installation, etc.? Thanks
  3. While taking the wife and daughter crabbing in Crab Creek Sunday, I saw quite a few Puppy Drum finning around the marshes. I may even have hooked one on a bottom rig baited with squid (lost it at the boat and couldn't tell whether it was a small puppy or a big croaker). Also, threw artificials (grubs and floating mirrolures) but no luck. What is proving successful in hooking up with puppy drum in that shallow water? Thanks.
  4. See. There you go again. You may be the most wonderful person on earth but your post was mean spirited. You attack the messenger, not his message. You called the guy a "tree hugger" and referred to his opinion as BS. And you imply that my post was unworthy because "you don't know me". For the record, I disagree with the original poster as well. I think the striper rules are sufficient and if we all obey them, there should be plenty of fish for future generations. Incidently, I have been a member of this forum for a number of years and have fished these waters for over 50. My ancestors were watermen from the middle peninsula so I have some understanding of that as well. I am familiar with your posts and know you know "your stuff" and acknowledged it by the phrase, "someone like you". Now, why don't we just shake hands and move on.
  5. That's a pretty lame response for someone like you.
  6. I guess what confused me is the skipper who said over the radio that the ocean season doesn't begin until January is a well respected local charter boat captain who should know the rules. Maybe he was deliberately trying to deceive someone. NO. SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!
  7. I'm confused. While striper fishing today (Wed.) I heard over the radio that some boats were having success off Cape Henry but were told the ocean season doesn't begin until January 1. The VMRC website says the ocean season is from Jan. 1 to Mar. 31 and from May 16-Dec. 31. I seem to remember several years ago catching a lot of fish off VB in December. What gives? Is the ocean now off limits until January?
  8. fishist

    Penn Question

    I have a Penn 4500 Spinning reel that I've had a number of years. It looks brand new because I rarely use it. I hate the thing because about 3 out of every 4 casts the bail releases during the cast. The result is anything from a wasted cast to a lost bait because the line snaps. Does anyone have any insight into the problem? Thanks.
  9. fishist

    Overheating when flushing

    WELLLLL! Thanks for all the input but MegaBite is correct with regard to the muffs. My owner's manual and dealer both say it is important to flush the motor using the muffs with the engine running. If you can't, use the hook up but do not run the engine. FYI: I did find out why it overheated. The factory manual says not to use full water pressure when flushing. The water intake ports are so small that full pressure blows most of the water out before it can be drawn into the motor, especially if the muffs are not tight or slightly misaligned. When I backed off on the pressure, the pilot stream actually increased and no overheating occurred. By the way, I also occasionally use the flush hook up as well. Reason: The pilot hole can become clogged and full pressure using the hook up blows it out. The stream looks like Joe Six Pack after, well, a six pack. Thanks again.
  10. fishist

    Battery Charging Problem

    I just bought a new deep cycle battery (WalMart) for my trolling motor. The normal operating procedure for my old battery was to charge it overnight whenever I used it (about a 20% discharge) and by morning it would have fully recharged. With the new one, when I hook it up to the charger after a 20% discharge, it doesn't seem to take any charge. If I disconnect the charger and adjust the cables and plug the charger back in, it then shows a fully charged battery. A specific gravity gauge is showing a significant discharge. Am I just showing a surface charge? Is there something wrong with the battery? Charger? HELP!!!
  11. I've been fishing these waters for well over 40 years and remember, when I was a kid, we used hooks as big as 3/0 for yellow belly fall spot and the big "hoss" croakers. My brother, who gets a lot of his information from the Carolina Outer Banks guys, says they say anything bigger than a No. 3 is oversized. The other day, we went bottom bouncing and caught a fair number of nice sized spot. I used No. 3 long shank hooks and he used these tiny little things that looked like fly fishing hooks. We both seemed to catch our fair share of fish although his hooks were pretty much shot at the end of the day. So question...WHAT HOOKS DO YOU USE TO CATCH FALL YELLOW BELLIES AND HOSS CROAKERS? I know this seems like a pretty lame subject but I am curious.
  12. Unfortunately we got a late start today but still managed to land two beautiful specks on the ebb tide. Lot's of dinks too. Switched to bottom bouncing and caught all the spot we wanted and left with them still biting. Never thought I'd say this but I'm a fish bite believer. Those guys do the trick. Just an observation but most of the spot I saw caught were caught by those of us who were drifting. I used my trolling motor to control the drift and we did really well.
  13. I hate to tell you but, even on this site, you're probably not going to get much help on spec fishing. I will tell you that chartreuse or electric chicken grubs have always worked well for me in Rudee Inlet. Also, a trolling motor is almost a necessity, particularly up in the Lake Wesley branch because it is such a small area. Noise is a spec wrecker. It helps to imagine schools of speckled trout being a lot like flocks of birds. They are very easily spooked by noise, movement or, believe it or not, an improper or unnatural bait presentation. Hope this helps a little. Good luck.
  14. fishist

    Overheating when flushing

    I have a Yamaha 60 4-stroke with less than 50 hours on it. Last week after a day on the bay, I hosed it down and flushed it using the "ear muffs" like always but after 5 minutes the heat alarm sounded. Never had any problem with overheating before. Anyone have a similar problem or know what happened? I do notice the pee stream isn't as strong when I flush it as when it's in the water but it never overheated before during flushing. Thanks for any insight.
  15. Started out trolling along the CBBT for stripers with absolutely no luck. No tide, no wind, no fish. Bottom bounced for a while with equally no luck so we returned to Lynnhaven. Caught some really nice spot inside on fishbites before switching to speckled trout. Tons of hits but only one keeper in the box (nice fish, though). Lost two keepers at the boat. There's so much bait in Lynnhaven, I don't think the fish are really that hungry. The one I caught was gorged with menhaden. Caught it on a red head/chartreuse body mirrolure. Treble hooks seem to be the only hope for landing them right now.