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  1. Fished the CBBT tunnel today, Tried casting at the 2nd. Dropped small mojo and storm 3/way for a troll from the 2nd, crossing the channel, to the Small Boat Channel. NOTHING!!! Did not see anyone catching as well. Back at the docks by 1pm. Would do Tog too, aggre with Bob, but a 30' boat in close with others is not what i like either. Guess time will tell. Tight lines. Scott
  2. Got out by 0930 and trolled for a while. Navy was doing Ops between Lynnhaven and Cape Henry so we stopped short and trolled around the pound nets and into depper water. Based on the weather we stayed close. Caught one bluefish and my two girls were excited about catching that fish (#1 planer with gold spoon). They got to see a few porpises too. The porpises came through our spread so the girls were super excited. Great day on the water with my Dad and my two girls! They cannot wait to get back out. If we get a Spanish we will make sure to try the recipe. Thanks and tight lines! Scott
  3. Anyone have a good recipe or method for cleaning and cooking Spanish Mackeral. Taking my 5 and 8 year old daughters out tomorrow and if we catch some would like to have them for dinner. Thanks, Scott
  4. Aachored up in 11' of water at 0900. Got the chum out - One on top and one on the bottom. Lines were out in short order and then the waiting began. Well we waited until 2pm and called it a day. No bites, runs or anything. Even noted a lack of life as we usually see Jelly fish, crabs, and things. Nothing. Made it back and got the boat cleaned before the rains came. Good day on the boat even eventhough we did not catch anything. Scott
  5. I am in for the tournament. Weather not looking too bad but oh well. Don - what channel will you and Dave be on? Best of Luck and Tight Lines. Scott
  6. lowfat11

    marine battery charger?

    Based on my experience with Optima Marine batteries and trying to charge them with a standard charger - no it will not work. I recently upgraded my charger to a Schumacher XC-103 (sold at Advanced Auto) and it worked on charging my AGM/Optima batteries and was even able to charge a battery that my other one was not able to bring back to life. Tight lines, Scott
  7. Thanks for the help guys. I was asking as I have a bunch of lead laying that my grandfather used for making sinkers. Thought I might make soem new MOJO's this year and save some money. G&H - appreciate the offer. might have to take you up on that if I do nto find anything. I will let you knwo if I find anything. Tight lines, Scott
  8. Anyone know where I can get lead molds to make my own MOJO's. I have seen the spire head and others but not the round head. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  9. I was thinking about heading over to NWRP to do some fly fishing. I have never been to this location and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on spots to throw some flys from the banks. With it so close to me, I am off Mt. Pleasant road,I figure why not give it a try. Thanks, Scott
  10. lowfat11

    mini bars?

    Have several from Don and run small to medium Hoo's on the trailer. I usually pull them on the short rigger, or flat. Have had Mahi, Tuna's, and Billfish hit the bars- 2 years ago had a citaction Hoo take it for a run. Hooked him in the front jaw so he was not able to cut the line. I have not tried anything else but others may put a Green Machine as the trailer. Tight Lines, Scott
  11. Left with Bruce, Marty, John and Dave out of LI about 5am. Thought about the Norfolk but went to the Cigar. Laptop out ay 5am looking at sst's said go south. Temp reading was strange - 57.7 the from the Hotdog out to the Cigar. Not right. Put lines out in warm blue water and a full smoke bank. Felt like I was in a camp fire all day. Found a weedline and pulled 4 mahi and missed a 5th at the gaff. Great day on the water, weird weather, and not sure the temp sensor is working. We saw Sea Note, would not respond to a radio check and water temp confimation, and Herb Gordon. I know it was not 62-64 degree water. No tuna, a few two tones, a few pilot whales, a lot of smoke, but got some hits. Thanks to the crew. Awesome time. Also - the mahi loved the tinker, purple black, congo lines by the Don. Tiki Sticks caught too. Tight lines, Scott
  12. Just wanted to give a recomendation to a company www.coltonfly.com . They have an awesome reel - the Torrent- that is incredible. I purchased the 13-15 which will now be the 11-15 and the 8-10. I got it filled with Jerry Brown Braid and Wulff line at a great price! If you are interested in a real that will perform like a Hatch, Abel, or Tibor - talk to him first and he has a GREAT price. Tight Lines, Scott
  13. VooDoo, Thanks for the reply. I had the vendor, who know his stuff, load up the 13-15 with JB Braid and Wullf Fly line. He gave to me for wholesale and no charge for the labor. He alao threw in some 9wt Airflo line and all I have do is put on the backing. Next step is to sit down ith my brother and start tying some flys. If anyone want to head out and do some casting let me know. I am available as long as the wife and kids do not have anything going on. Thanks again everyone. Tight Lines! Scott
  14. Todd, Thanks for the advice and I will make sure I call Bass Pro to verify that the Fly expert is on site. Just want to make sure that if I am spending the money on the gear I also do the same for the line and backing. Tight lines, Scott
  15. I just purchased 2 reels. One is an 8-10 weight and the other a 13-15 weight. What location/shop would you recommend for loading the reels with quality backing and fly line. I am even open to any suggestions that others have on what to put on these reels. I appreciate the help, Scott