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  1. fordbjr

    WTB dog box

    There's a few on craigslist
  2. fordbjr

    Catfish question?

    There's a campground on Gordon Creek right next to the Chickahominy Bridge with a boat ramp. It's about a mile or 2 from the mouth of the Chickahominy.
  3. Nice day. The billfish bite should be on fire in the next week or 2 down there.
  4. fordbjr

    Safety Checks? Worthwhile or waste of time?

    Don't they give you a receipt? I was told one time to keep it and show it the next time I was boarded and things would be much quicker.
  5. My uncle went to 26 mile hill on Tuesday and caught at least 1. Never even asked how big or how many. That's all I know.
  6. I heard they're probably gonna take it to court. You don't need a state fishing license to fish outside of the 3 mile line. Once you come inside that line, you do need one. Problem is, no one can prove they were outside the 3 mile line at 5:51. Unless by a GPS track somehow??? I heard he did it by computer while on the way in. I heard the fish was weighed a little after 7. I don't see it getting overturned.
  7. Charter boats have a blanket license that covers everyone on the boat. I thought the Citation still ran charters even after the new ownership. They're not listed on the Hatteras Harbor website as a charter boat. I guess it's just private.
  8. Can't imagine how bad this mate must feel. I'd go into hiding. I think the BR is supposed to issue a press release @ 5 p.m. today explaining everything.
  9. I'm pretty sure it was the mate that didn't have a license. Charter boats have a blanket license anyway. I'm not sure why the BR requires everyone to have a license if the boat already has one.
  10. fordbjr

    pin wire balhyhoo rig

    What Bob said. Try #10
  11. Any direction 10 or less and you'll be fine. If it's swelly, stay on the green side of the channel. It's deeper. It breaks on the red side if there is any swell.
  12. fordbjr

    Yellow perch and crappie

    nice pics, Justin
  13. Last I heard, the bluefins were around the 400 line. Good luck