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  1. Knot Tell'n

    Prayer Request

    I spoke with Craig yesterday. He is upbeat but it has to be haevy on his mind. I am sure the prayers will be appreciated and answered.
  2. Another fine job by the Kelly clan
  3. Knot Tell'n

    Renew membership

    Tony, I am trying to renew my Gold Supporter status but having a hard time with PayPal. How else can I pay before our currency becomes Euros?
  4. Cannot beat Craig at Coastal Fiberglass. First class all the way.
  5. I wonder how a 5 line spread of Hogy eels would work trolled slow enough to maintain their action.
  6. I wonder how a 5 line spread of Hogy eels would work trolled slow enough to maintain their action.
  7. Knot Tell'n

    Coastal Fiberglass is 1st Class

    He is a good guy. I need to clarify my original post. I got my fronts and backs and sides mixed up. I had a seat in the back and he made it into a fish box.
  8. I picked up my boat today from Craig at Coastal Fiberglass. He did a 1st class job on converting a starboard fishwell/seat into a transom fish box. The job looks like a factory installation or maybe better. What impressed me most was he started when he said he would, it cost what he said it would and I got it back on the day he said I would. He kept in contact with me through out the process making suggestions that I had never even thought of. I am taking my cowling to him next week to be painted and will most likely have him paint the hull this year also. Carroll
  9. Knot Tell'n


    We got to the pier at 8:00, snow/rain, left and ran back to Taylors at 1:30. Hooked 9 landed 7. Smallest was 1@33" and 6 @35 to 39". Pretty good day compared tomost reports. Carroll
  10. Knot Tell'n


    Bob, are they 2 or 3 fish aggregates. I fished around you yesterday, finally got to see the infamous "Still Thinkin" up close and personal. Nice rig.
  11. Now that is an award winning picture!
  12. I read the e-mail notice again and it said to let the subscription expire first, sorry for the post.
  13. I know that this is probably the wrong forum, I apologize. I am trying to re-new my Gold Supporter membership and am having trouble with it. What is the correct procedure. My subscription runs out tonight. Can someone steer me in the right direction. I did not see a place for renewal of the Gold Supporter. Carroll