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  1. billy k

    We are Back

    Sorry that it has bin so long, but we are back. Hope the Spanish are here. Reports to come. Billy K LRB
  2. billy k

    back to fishing

    welcome back. Hope all is well. I am the same way just not as long.Be safe and tight lines. Billy K LRB ( little red boat)
  3. cograts . you are the bomb Billy K (LRB)
  4. Little Red Boat is back. Looking for macks or bottom feeders. Have a couple of familes that need some help right now. Hope to do them right. SORRY no posts do to alot of personal CRAP. to dill with. Will post report later. Billy K (LEB)
  5. billy k

    Old School Heaver

    I sold 2 rods like that on graig list. A young man from NC drove to VB. and sold them for 50$ each. Good luck Billy K (LRB)
  6. Great job DAD. Thats what it is all about. Keep them in FISHING NOT DRUGS. Your post does my heart good . Thanks Billy K (LRB) little red boat
  7. billy k

    Home made lure

    Cool Great job I like it Billy K
  8. Good luck to all.My God grat smooth seas and tight lines,but most of all leting all come back safe and sound. ROCK ON Billy K LRB
  9. billy k

    Server running slow today

    Thanks Keep up the great work that you do for us. Billy K (The Little Red Boat) LRB
  10. billy k

    Hey guys look what I caught!

    Tha tis too cool. Got to love it.
  11. billy k

    Volunteer Needs a Job!

    I work at newport news ship. We were told that they are going to hire up to 2000 new employes this year. Might want to try there. Go to HII. com or Newportnewsshipbuilding.com Good Luck Bille K