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  1. Thanks for this report Bob. I appreciate your dedication to the sport of the slow striper fishing. Wish we could of pulled out the W, but we're still winners! God Damnit people like us! Now let's go and sit in a boat for 12 hrs and play with our eels again. No homo
  2. I fished the cigar area on saturday. Saw a few whites early cutting on bait but couldnt get them hooked up. Ended up with a gaffer and 67lb yellowfin caught in 250 fathoms in a pack of porpoise. It was pretty bleak with a few marlin and dolphin being caught. I wanted to try for wahoo in shallow but the crew wanted marlin. Good luck
  3. yes sir Eric! Good having you on board and we'll find that Big Eye that broke us off this year!!
  4. Thanks Kevin for the kind words! I hope you make it down more often this year and the fishing improves...can't get any worse than it is right now. Happy New year Bud tight lines!
  5. Couple more that I couldn't fit in the first post.
  6. Hey guys been awhile, but I wanted to share my best days of 2013 with you. I had a baby boy on Christmas 2012 and I think he is a good luck charm! I don't have enough time to go into details, but basically everything was good to me except Red Drum and Striper. Big tuna, togs, wahoo and flounder were the highlights. Pics are backwards from Dec-Jan. Thanks to all who fished with me and the guys that invited me out! Happy New Year, Craig
  7. They are in the deep at the Norfolk Canyon. Spreaders bars and smaller baits were getting done. Thanks Bob, great having you on board but that hair hat drives me nuts lol!
  8. Damn sorry about your bad luck and good going on getting out there in a small boat. I have a 29 footer and cancelled. Craig
  9. What was the hot color of the day lol? It's going to be tough to beat that trip, might as well retire from tuna fishing. Congratulations!
  10. Anyone found any size to the pups or is it the usual 14-18 ichers? I caught a couple off a private dock, but haven't launched the yak yet. maybe this week
  11. Lol What a great day! Capt Rom will put you on em!
  12. Good job guys. ya'll are always first on the spring tuna!
  13. For sea witches (small baits), I like all white hair with a blue head. Ilanders I like pink/white, pink/blue, purple/white, blue/white. Spreader bars blue and white. Daisy chains I use green lures with a green bird. Purple and black is good to run in the early morning hours before the bright light comes on, as day progresses lighten the colors in the spread. OR whatever Bob says.