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  1. ovkid

    Electramate Reels

    I took your advice and went to Anthony. He shipped reel to Electra Mate last Friday. He called yesterday and it's already back from the factory. Unbelievable service. Thanks for the tip
  2. ovkid

    Electramate Reels

    Can anyone tell me where to get repairs to an Electramate 412HS? Mine has at least one gear stripped.
  3. Thank You Joe Sportsman for the most informative and I believe factual article I have ever seen on my favorite seafood.
  4. ovkid

    How to cast a cast net

    Thanks Greg, I didn't expect a reply that quick
  5. Can anyone help me out with a web-site that demonstrates using a cast net? Thanks
  6. ovkid

    Public Ramp Location

    Thanks for the help you guys. I found what I was looking for.
  7. ovkid

    Public Ramp Location

    Can anyone help me out with the location of and the directions to the public ramp located between MMBT & HRBT?
  8. ovkid


    You're gonna think I'm nuts but try them poached. Boiling salty water, drop in small whole fish or better yet filets of larger ones, cook until meat is flaky, drain well, add salt pepper and butter to taste and enjoy.
  9. ovkid

    bait fishing the Florida Keys

  10. We're going to Islamorada in mid Feb. and want to do some yellowtail snapper and grouper fishing. Any advice so far as tackle and bait would be appreciated
  11. It looks to me like MACHO MAN got his thrill. What's the point.
  12. Wonering if anyone fished this weekend and if they had any luck with the stripers.