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  1. Thanks Todd... caught a 3lb blue and nice 22" flounder out of rudee, was slow most of the day though.
  2. Heading down from Northern VA to fish for the day on Wednesday. Looking to hitch a ride if a group can squeeze in two guys we would be interested. Not looking for a free ride, will contribute to the days costs. Both of us have a passion for fishing, with extensive experience fishing inshore for cobia, drum, stripers, flounder, blues. Just looking to have a good time fishing. Please send me a PM, will respond asap. Tight lines! Sam
  3. Thanks for the info, ill reach out to them. If anyone will be out there during that time and would like to share a charter, drop me a message.
  4. Thanks again. I called some local places for additional info found that high up in the bay there are some crabs but primarily fresh water, catfish and perch. Since my preference is saltwater fishing so ill likely spend some time on the oceanfront and likely head down south to Nags Head to fish the sound side.
  5. Thanks Pops. We will definitely try your suggestions. Do you know if cobb size mullet are around that time? Also I was thinking try my hand at shrimping in the evening/low tide, is that possible on the bay side of Corolla?
  6. Looking charter or partial charter some time between Sept 8-13 out of OBX, preferably around OI. We are three guys looking for a spot and some fin action. Thanks!
  7. Going out for the first time to Corolla during the second week of September was looking to get do some fishing and crabbing. This is the first year as a married man, so I want the wifey to enjoy being in on the action. I have all sorts of rods, kayak, and commercial crab pot. Ultimately, just looking for a decent and comfortable spot to fish, find bait, and catch some crabs for both of us. Im sure most of you remember the first time you took your wife fishing, hopefully someone can share some info so I can keep a happy marriage lol
  8. Plan around the tides would be your best bet. Personally like being setup and fishing an hr into an incoming tide.
  9. Was there Sun and Monday.... mostly mullet, spot, under size flounder, and cow nose rays... Few blues, couple keeper flounder, and one spanish were in the mix. The cobia are in the bay, just not sure how far west...
  10. It may be a little early in the season but thought I would ask, anyone seen any silver or striped mullet running anywhere, particularly around BBNWR or Lesner? Thanks!
  11. Any day on the beach is a great day! These pictures give me a breathe of fresh air, living in NoVa its too far away! Thx skycruiser! Cheers!
  12. Thanks all for the info. Hit the beach by Jeanettes for most of the trip catching some round head and spot. Landed two large skates on mullet and spot head. Water was amazingly clear, was able to swim a bit too. As for bait I ended up at TWS. I also found Little Island Bridge for cast netting some finger mullet, with a few foot long mullet mixed in. I fished there for a few hrs caught two nice trout, also guy next to me caught a 5lb black drum. All in all the sun was beaming hard, and it was a bit hot, but well worth the trip. Thanks again!
  13. Will do, thanks BA! I hate those pesky biting flies. I loaded up on some 25% spray and squirt bottles of 100% deet. I'm familiar with the ramp, ill try my hand in that area. We plan on doing mostly shore fishing, maybe hit the local piers. Cheers
  14. Looking for running finger mullet for bait. Taking a trip down to Nags Head from NoVA with the guys to fish and hangout this weekend, would like to have some bait lined-up before we get there. I'd like to get into some bait on our way down (hopefully near route) or find a place there. I've also heard there some places in NC to catch some shrimp. Anyhow, got 7 guys, and Im really the only hardcore fisherman. I have a 8 foot cast net, and tons of other gear, Id be willing to buy other items as suggested. Any help with bait info or good fishing for the guys in Nags Head would be a appreciated. Follow-up to the weekend coming soon. Tight lines Sam
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