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  1. do you think all this rain will cause the fish to move to salter water.
  2. thanks for the info. will be down soon
  3. just got home from Cape Charles 2 day trip. Marked lots of fish only got 2 2 the boat trolling in front of ships. Also used bobbers " I guess that makes me one of those BOBBERS that you spoke of" anyway I put eels almost in there mouth and no takers. Trolling is the way to go.
  4. piper

    spinning reel line twist

    I put the line on both ways, no help. I ran it out behind the boat helped for a few cast but the twisted again. Got me stumped.
  5. I have a spinning reel that with new line, after about 50 cast the line is so twisted it cant be used anymore. I use the same line on my other reels and they do just fine. So I think it is something with this one reel, but I cant think of anything that would cause that to happen. I ame using spinner baits that do not twist in the water so that cant be the trouble. Any ideas would be a big help. thanks in advance piper
  6. piper

    old gas, motor trouble

    thanks again VooDoo, checked the plugs and new fuel filter. got another bottle of sea foam. now to get to the lake to give it a try. thanks Piper
  7. thanks VOODOO the small ones are good but hard to clean piper
  8. Can only come down 2 times a year spring and winter. Would like to come down and catch croker (good eating and plenty of them) Seams like all we ever catch is little ones, where would be a good place to catch some with some size. thanks piper
  9. piper

    old gas, motor trouble

    I have a 2003 johnson 140 4stroke that was running fine last Dec. Planned on but did not get to use boat any more. Started motor last week and motor is missing not all the time but pretty bad. Could this be the old gas and if so what could I do to fix it. thanks in advance piper--steve
  10. Finaly chose eastern shore to stay this year, then got to thinking are there any crokers there this early. Last year cought all you could want in SBC. what do you guys think, any fish (May 15-17)
  11. when will the crokers be in the lower bay. around CBBT
  12. very nice trout. did you catch it on the bottom or suspended.

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