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  1. I wonder if we can get the energy department to give us a taxpayer funded grant to figure out a way to hook a couple of these puppies together (series, parallel?) and power up VABEACH? A new form of renewable energy! Put a couple hundred in the trunk of a prius and, bada-bing, eco friendly transport. However, there may be an issue on a sunny day in August.
  2. cool thanks for the info... I thought I had bottom at first...after seeing this video i know why
  3. Fished today in Lynnhaven Inlet around the basin for trout. Caught this fish on a jig. Looks like a cross between a toadfish and a robin fish. It had an upward facing mouth with lots of teeth, and a smooth body with the robin fish "wings" and color scheme. Anybody caught one, or have any ideas? It also hissed at me.
  4. Left Lynnhaven inlet around 0400 hrs to head to the 10Fathom Hill. Seas were a 2-3 foot chop from the south west. The first line wasin the water around 0645 and about 20 seconds later a 10-15 pound Bonita hitit. We hoped this was a good omen. At 0730 we hooked up on a Yellowfin about amile north east of the "Hill." We got it to the boat but lost it. Wecontinued north east into about 180 foot of water. We hooked up again at 0930on another Yellowfin but this time we got him in the boat. We worked the areanorth east of the Hill between 160 and 230 foot of water. All the time we sawcharter boats east of us working out over the 100 fathom line. At 1130 we had aquadruple hook up and through the ensuing chaos we actually got all four fishsafely in the cooler. All five fish were between 38 and 45 pounds and hit oneverything from naked hoo, blue and white islanders with hoo, blue and greenislanders, blue and green seawitch, "Mahi green" seawitch behind Mahicolored daisy chain on the shotgun "waaay back." We were running a 7rod spread with an additional two teasers with a bird and squid daisy chain.Nice day fishingafter getting back from working on an Oiler in the Mediterranean Sea for the last 3 months.
  5. Cograts on the catch, looking to head out that way Friday or Saturday. Looks like you were trolling sea witches? They seem to be the answer that day? -RTMADM
  6. February renter wanted. June, July, October 2012 are also available 2 Bedrooms,(2 Queen, 2 double beds 1 Queen fold out couch), 1 and 1/2 Bath, Washer/Dryer, Gas Grill, Cable TV, Local Telephone, WIFI, All Linens and kitchen supplies. New 42" TV, Refirgerator and dishwasher. Ocean side Waterfront, 50 foot wide 18 foot Deep Canal, 150 foot of concrete bulkhead, 4 ½ foot controlling draft, 5 mile run south from our dock to the reef and Looe Key Marine Sanctuary and American Shoal Light, 10-15 Mile run from our dock to the Gulf Stream, 23 Miles by car to Key West. Please note that due to Zoning retrictions and the septic system parking of RVs on the property is not allowed. Fishing- Sailfish, Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna, King Mackerel, Grouper, Snapper, Tarpon, Bonefish and more. Diving- Looe Key Reef- 3 to 35 depths, Adolfus Bush Wreck- 120 depth, one ramp on Summerland by the Warf Bar and Grill, two launching ramps on Cudjoe Key 5 Miles down US-1, fuel dock on Summerland at Chevron station, several dive shops with rentals and boat trips. Fishing guides and charters available. Convenient grocery shopping at Murray's on Summerland Key or at Winn Dixie on nearby Big Pine Key. Attached Images http://www.thehulltr...house-rent.html Contact Bob or Ann McManus (757) 412 2055 Cell: (757) 647 2208
  7. Headed out of Lynnhaven at 0400 Tuesday in 2-3 foot chop. Got to "000s" 100 fathom line at 0645. Lines in the water with blue/white, black/blue, black/chartreuse islanders w/hoo, 4 naked hoos and 2 squid daisy chain teasers. Hooked up on 3 white marlins all making it to the boat. Things went quiet so we worked north to the 44014 bouy where we chucked menhaden to see if any Mahi were around- no joy. Worked inshore to the 10 fathom hill where we hooked up on two 30" yellowfin and a butt load of fat alberts. Back to the dock in calm seas, arriving around 1830. One of our best days with a lot of pullage.
  8. Left dock at 0400 and ran out in 2-3 foot seas. Lines in the water at 0700 on the "000" 30 fathom line and trolled east into a parking lot of OI charter boats at the 100 fathom line. Morning was dead. Sea's went pretty glassy around 12PM and we hooked up on a white for about 5 minutes until it shook the hook on an arial. At 3PM we hooked up something big that just about spooled a 50SW before sawing through the 120# mono leader- Blue? the rest of the day we spent experimenting with little succes. Trolled back towards the Cigar encountering whales, porpoise, turles, and peanut mahi. Running in it turned snotty about 30 miles out and was pretty wet up until we cleared Cape Henry at 6:30PM. Logn day, a little disapointing but it was better than work. We saw on OI boat hooked up on a big blue marlin that was puting on a pretty good show.
  9. My 2 Sons and I will be heading out of Lynhaven Inlet about 4AM headed for the Cigar and 000s. If anybody is out there will be standing by 68/16. Hoping for a change in the menu- Mahi is getting a little old.
  10. Nice Day. What you catch the wahoo on?
  11. hook up on one white marlin that got some good air then shook the hook. A couple of Mahi for dinner. No tuna. really wet on the ride out with the nroth wind. A little sloppy at the canyon. Wet ride back. Mainly worked the north wall.
  12. Anyone headed out tomorrow? We will be headed to the canyon from lynnhaven inlet tomorrow morning. Will be monitoring 16/78 boat name double deuce.
  13. Tuesday morning, left dock at 0400. easy ride out. Lines in the water around 0645 on north wall. No luck trolling. Headed to south wall- no luck. Caught some Mahi off the lobster pot bouys pitching menhaden. Back in Broad bay at 1845 148 gallons lighter and a little sunburned. Maybe next time
  14. Gonna try our luck at the Canyon tomorrow. We'll be monitoring 69. Should be out there by 0630.