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  1. Knot Wish'n

    Looking to set up kayak tackle

    Welcome ! Check out our Tackle shop sponsor Long Bay Point Tackle at the top of the page. If you have any specific questions feel free to call me anytime. Capt Todd
  2. Yup still grinding Tom !
  3. Knot Wish'n


    Good stuff !
  4. Knot Wish'n

    Spanish Mackerel

    The Spanish Mackerel fishing is on fire right now with both quantity and quality ! Book your light tackle fun today!
  5. Sometimes they just win ! Get em next time !
  6. Putting in the work with great catches! Thanks for sharing Kent
  7. We are finishing up the boat and will be back in our Rudee Inlet slip located at Fisherman's Wharf marina next week! Please stayed tuned for updated reports! Its going to be a great year so book your light tackle fun today! Capt Todd
  8. Knot Wish'n

    Freshwater Charters!

    We are pleased to offer the addition of freshwater charters on the waters of Back Bay Virginia Beach Virginia. Visit our website or contact me for details. Capt Todd
  9. Knot Wish'n

    Freshwater Fishing Charters!

    We are pleased to offer the addition of freshwater fishing charters on the waters of Back Bay , Virginia Beach Virginia. Check out our website or contact me for details. Thank You! Capt Todd
  10. Knot Wish'n

    Report 11/3

    Kevin good for ya'll ! I have a lot in Quinby close to the boat ramp. Good luck to you as well !
  11. Knot Wish'n

    Report 11/3

    Trout fishing continues to improve with large quantities of small fish. Hopefully this normal trend will bring some larger fish soon. Book your light tackle fun today!
  12. Knot Wish'n

    Report 9/12

    Fishing continues to be VERY good along the resort area. The weeknight special is going well and weekends are filling up.Book your light tackle fun today!
  13. Knot Wish'n

    Weeknight $pecials

    Weeknight special Monday-Thursday 3 hour trips : Ocean $300 & Inlet $200 up to 4 people. Call Capt Todd for more details! Book your light tackle fun today!
  14. Knot Wish'n

    Report 6/22

    Thanks guys. Slow trolling live bait on self made king rigs. We also kite fish but not on this trip. Look for hard tide rips and bait schools in warm clear water to be most productive.
  15. Knot Wish'n

    Report 6/22

    We went to target king mackerel today. We were successful with a 35 pound citation for our angler. Book your light tackle fun today!
  16. Knot Wish'n

    Shark fish'n

    Shark fishing has been very good!
  17. Hey guys and gals ! I just wanted ya'll to know I have been posting my reports on the Knot Wish'n forum under the VBSF Sponsor Charter Boats and I will continue to do so hopefully on a more regular basis. I am more that happy to share any and all information I can to help make your own fishing trips more productive. If you need help setting up your rigs or are new to boating feel free to give me a call. I also offer my services at an hourly rate on your boat to get you started in the right direction and hopefully speed up the learning curve. Tight lines and be safe out there ! Capt Todd
  18. First welcome to the board ! There are many how to articles here and many others willing to help. A basic subscription also goes along way to access forum features.Trolling small clark spoons along the oceanfront and cape henry should produce catches off bluefish and spanish mackerel. Capt Todd
  19. Knot Wish'n


    The spanish mackerel and some bonita have been caught on our recent trips. They are are not in great numbers yet but they are very high quality in size! Call and book your light tackle fun and take adavntage of our weeknight evening special ending soon!
  20. Knot Wish'n

    Report may/june

    Summer time fishing is just about here! We have caught some nice bull reds,sharks ,and bluefish. Cobia are making a good showing when the weather co-operates and spanish mackerel should arrive anyday now. My book is filling up so call today to get the days you want. Stop wish'n and let's go fish'n!
  21. Knot Wish'n

    Weeknight $pecial

    Limited time weeknight special ! 3 hour ocean trips targeting Bluefish,Spanish Mackeral, Cobia, and Bull Reds. $275 up to four people. Call and book your light tackle fun today!
  22. Knot Wish'n

    Bonefish and Tarpon

    Awesome Kevin! Thanks for sharing!
  23. Alot of good charter boats sponsor this forum give anyone of them a call and I am sure they will do their best to put you on some fish. Todd

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