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  1. Nice job! Sounds like a great day on the water. EG
  2. Last minute we decided to try it. Had to wait for a boat to follow out the inlet; they are dredging and have really changed the layout of the inlet. Rolled the dice and headed SE to the point, reached the stream and with the nw breeze the conditions were a little sporty. There were no other boats around, I figured they were off to the north in cooler water. Water temp was 82 and there were tons of skipjacks working bait but no signs of mahi or tuna. Set out trolling north and around 9 am had a strike on a 4/0 outfit. The fish was really peeling line so we cleared other 4 rods and started working him. about 15 min later, nice 25lb Wahoo in the boat. He hit a ballyhoo on a white jr islander rigged with 100lb flouro. He came after our port flatline, missed and dropped back to take the islander. We continued our troll north working the current break and the shelf with not much going on. Saw schools of skips busting bait and ran through several nice slicks with no luck. At 11'ish, the other 4/0 outfit goes of with something nice. It was my turn so the others cleared the rods and I started working on getting some line back. With only 30lb test, I was very careful not to put too much pressure on him. I guess he took close to 200yds before we could get after him. I slowly gained line but we still didn't know what we had. When he went straight down for a couple huindred feet I kinda figured it was a tuna. After about 25 min of the give and take battle, we had a 50lb yellowfin in the boat. My biggest tuna so far. We always use (3) 50 class outfits and (2) 30 class outfits and it always seems the bigger fish hit the light weight gear! We kept heading north off and on the break working in from the deep and never had another hit. On the way in we stopped by the navy tower© and tried for an AJ with no luck. We did see a couple but they showed us no love. I did have a little songbird fly off the tower and land on my shoulder! It looked like a wren but I couldn't be sure, he flew around the boat and went back to the tower. There's no telling what you'll see offshore. We were back on the trailer at 4:45pm and over to the center to have the fish cleaned. We ended up with just the wahoo and the tuna, together weighing 76lbs. Another beautiful day on the water. As a side note, when we filled the boat up, we had only burned 36 gallons...not too bad for over 100 miles covered. We were in my 22ft Angler/225 yamaha FS. Tight Lines, Eddie
  3. Buy Cotton

    I"m on a boat Yo !

    True Dat, Yo!
  4. Congrats on the fish. You just can't beat the excitement of that type of chaos! EG
  5. Yeah, we saw quite a few YFT on the surface feeding when we got out there. When we made it back in, the docks were filling up with tuna. Most big boats were flying kites for the tuna. EG
  6. We went out of OI yesterday and went to the Point. We got a late start and it took 2hrs to get out there because of the choppy conditions ( my boat is only 22'). I guess we started fishing at 9am and immediately hooked up with a few skipjacks. Saw some big tuna crashing/feeding and hooked up with a 15lb-20lb YFT, put him in the box...first tuna of the year! Had a pair of dolphin crash the spread and landed both, I guess they were around 15lbs. Rigs back out and the shotgun rod goes off, after a good fight I gaff a nice 50lb YFT. Rigs back out and make another pass through the "zone" and hook up to a 20lb gaffer, put him in the box. Trolled another 30min or so and land another 15lb gaffer and lose one close to 25lbs. He pulled the hook at the boat just as I was about to stick him. That was at 11:30 and we trolled for another hour or so before packing up and heading back in. It took us about 2 hours to get back in and with that STIFF SW wind we stayed soaked the whole way. I think I need a bigger boat! All in all, it was a great day of fishing and a beautiful day at the Point. BTW, water temp was 80 F from the inlet to the Point. EG Totals: 2 YFT 4 Gaffers 3 Skipjacks
  7. Buy Cotton


    I've got a 225 on my boat and I really like it. I sometimes wonder if the 250hp would have been better(same weight) but, I'm not disappointed with the 225. I keep a full tank(116 gallons) of fuel in my boat and usually have 3 people on board with gear and I feel like I have enough power with the 225. When we run out of OI and go to the Point and troll all day I'll burn 34-38 gallons of fuel, depending on the sea conditions. I figure I can count on 2mpg with my set up. I'm running a 15 1/2X19" Saltwater Series stainless prop. With the full load I described, I only can turn 5500rpms at WOT with the 19" prop...you may need to try a 17" pitch with your setup. I don't think you'll regret getting the Yamaha...but you need to hurry up, it's fishing season! EG
  8. A buddy and I fished OI on the 4th and caught a limit of Spanish and a few blues. We were trolling 00 silver Clark Spoons with 4oz weights and 20ft mono leaders. 3.4-3.6 knots was the "magic" speed for us. The fish were thick and we actually had a huge whale surface in front of us, IN the inlet. Nice day even with the 25mph wind!
  9. Buy Cotton

    Spiny dogfish are edible

    A friend of mine and I made a stew out of one at Hatteras several years ago. It was good, the meat really didn't have much flavor. Of course we had been hitting the Coors Lights pretty hard so anything would have been good!
  10. Wonder how Fat Albert strips would do for flounder bait?
  11. I thought Atlantic Bonito were supposed to be good to eat. I know False Albacore are way bloody and too strong to eat(and enjoy). Are A. Bonito no good? Just wondering. EG
  12. Buy Cotton

    Small boat poll

    I'll have to remain true to my Angler, too. They are good boats! EG