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  1. tcdennis


    Spent 4 hours at Dam Neck, not a single bite. Folks who were leaving when we arrived said a lot of Blues and a few Spanish. Bloodworm FB and sand flea was obviously a poor choice of bait.
  2. Fished Sandbridge for a week and got two rays, two roundheads, one blue and one sand flea. Really slow north of the pier. Heard reports south of the pier were better but mainly Skate. Now am out of action for 6 weeks to recover for surgery. Will post again in August.
  3. Not much happening on this site in the last several months. Hope to see some good reports come back as the season starts up again.
  4. tcdennis


    That is a good size Pompano, will have to get out there and get me some for dinner. Happy 4th. Tight lines.
  5. tcdennis

    Decent day

    Finished the week with nothing else caught. Friday was nice weather, high tide and evening/sunset was aligned but then the grass came in and we packed it up.
  6. tcdennis

    Decent day

    Fishing Sandbridge this week. One 32' Striper, one 28' drum, three 30+ inch dogs. Not as many skate as last year, only one so far.
  7. Fished a few hours last night, nothing but a ton of baby black drum, got one spot for bait, caught one trout on some cut spot. Will keep trying.
  8. Just read Andrews blog, running with the bulls. Fish running straight out, that is what I had happen last night, could have been a Bull, damn near spooled me before the hook came loose and was going straight East.
  9. Fished last night 7-10pm second hole south of the pier. Some small stuff, a few nice trout, one good run that really chewed my 80lb shock leader but pulled hook. Large fish are there, just have to keep trying.
  10. Agree on the fly issue. Fished Dam Neck on Sunday, got one 26inch drum with 7 spots! By 1pm the flies ran us off the beach. Was in such a hurry to test out my new fish-n-mate cart I forgot bug spray. Also got a couple nice Pompano, and if you could keep the small black drum, we could have filled a 5 gal bucket with those guys. Hope to get out there tonight or tomorrow night, this time with bug spray.
  11. S Damneck Saturday, two blues. Nothing else. NOB pier, few fish, really slow weekend.
  12. tcdennis

    Sand Tiger

    Great catch! Thanks for sharing and hope to get one of those someday for myself.
  13. Thanks Capt Ron. When you make your PVC spikes, what length of spike do you prefer? I'm thinking around 40" to be able to bury and keep the rod high.
  14. All, since purchasing a more expensive rod/reel (my first $200+ combo) I am seeking your wisdom on what the best sand spike is as I don't want to see it fall into the surf/sand. I currently have only the PVC type and am looking to upgrade to aluminum and a taller spike. Not sure it is necessary to upgrade and really not looking to add to the weight of the cart full of stuff going through the soft sand.
  15. Saturday morning at Dam Neck. 6 sharks (largest 30") some big roundheads, spot, blues. One ray and a Yellowtail Scad. Baitfish were everywhere and a constant stream of boats were trolling just past the breakers for Spanish. BTW, wife loved her new Pennfisher V 4500 LL reel and Tsunami rod, thanks to Atlantic Bait and Tackle. The Suffix Superior 20lb hi vis line (which she also loved) is the softest 20lb test line I have ever used.

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