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  1. The rockfish bite is terrible this year compared to a few years ago. Not sure why...
  2. Best of luck to you. I wish I could make the run but I am still in Afghanistan. Will be home for good in early August, though, and plan to get out there, for sure. Let us know how you did.
  3. Glad to see the flounder bite picking up. When I was home in June it seemed slow, slow, slow, but will be back home again in early Aug to re-attack.
  4. Hey Tony I paid my subscription fee - why does it show me as a visitor?
  5. Thanks, Guys. I am SO looking forward to being home. It's been over a year now. The other part is we were notified this FOB (Mezar-e-Sharif) is closing 31 July, so I'll come back here in early July for about 3 weeks to shut everything down and turn it over to the Afghans, then home for good. Home for good: What a concept!! Will definitely be targeting flatties and will try to hook up with you guys, for sure. Until then, tight lines...
  6. Arrive Dulles IAP Tues morning, 0615 hrs for 30 days after a LONG dry spell away from fishing and beer drinking. It's a long walk to the beach from Afghanistan...
  7. Nice fish, Man, really nice fish! Maybe one day when this deployment is over I'll get to go again, too. It's a long walk to the beach from Kabul, Afghanistan!
  8. Glad to hear the Canyon is still producing. Great job fellas.
  9. Volunteer

    Salmon fishing near Juneau, Alaska

    Sounds like a GREAT time, George. Glad you got on some pretty fish. I've caught Silvers outside Anchorage many moons ago and enjoyed every minute of it. Sure would like to go again, but I'm still stuck in Afghanistan. Looking forward to fishing with you again, my friend.
  10. Way to go, George! Wonder how many cans of tuna 400 lbs equates to? I would do the math, but I'm from Tennessee...
  11. Sounds like a reasonably successful day regardless.
  12. In all my years fishing I don't think I've ever had a day like that. Pretty work, Boys!!