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  1. nocturn

    Where did everyone go?

    Thanks Tony. Hope you've been well. Gave up facebook a year ago and the http://vbsf.net/ links me to the homepage. The forum page from there links me back to this page. Looks like im SOL.
  2. nocturn

    Where did everyone go?

    The site seems to have come to a screeching halt sometime in 2014. Where did y'all go? Hope everyone is well.
  3. nocturn

    Does anybody know what this is???

    Yep, Sabiki /Whip Rod. Great for catching bait. Used them in Hawaii to catch Akule. Put a Sabiki rig on there with a 1/2 oz weight and you can whip that thing a mile.
  4. nocturn

    Happy Veterans day

    Happy Veterans day to all my fellow vets out there. Special thatnks and Happy Birthday to tall the Leatherneck Maggots also. -DCCS Coastie (ret.)
  5. Yep, Black Crappie. The Appomattox behind my house is loaded with them right now. The river size fish run between 6" and 13". Pond or Lake fish can go well over 14". If you do eat them, just keep a eye out for parasites in the meat. The fall crappie are loaded with worms and bugs from the previous summer heat. The parasites either die or drop out after the water temp hits a consistant 40-50 degrees. I respectfully disagree with Bobby on the fight these little guys put up. As he mentioned, a ultra-lite setup with 2-4 # line will make for a great fight. Just dont horse 'em. They dont call them "paper lips" for nothing! Depending on how you clean them, hold the meat up to a lightsource. If you see any dark areas the size of a corn kernel or smaller, use your thumbnail to push the bug out. I generally dont mess with the fall fish. The fish caught from Dec till May are usually clean and ready for the flour!
  6. Im thinking Juvinile Lesser AJ or even just a plain ole Juvie Common AJ. Google Lesser AJ and take a look. Remember, the "field" color of the fish can vary day to day depending on where they've been, what they've eaten and at what depth they were pulled up from. Pacific Tinker Macks are Yellow Tail Jack KILLERS! Best open water bait out west.
  7. Thanks for the report YG. Im going to be staying at the Cherrystone camp grounds for 2 weeks starting on the 20th, with friends from Pa. and Del and plan on hitting that whole area hard as hell for all 2 weeks. Been trying to make the trip down the James again (did it in early July and caught no flatfish, not a one!) but between work and the uber slow flounder bite, its been hard to justify. Thanks again.
  8. Senior,

    When did you retire? Fm the CG or a different service? No doubt I'll be looking for folks to go fishing with me.Sure would be nice to have a friend to help steer me in the right direction...



  9. Thanks for the report. Hope to be out drag'n lead this weekend.
  10. nocturn

    "The Swim Whizz"

    Sorry I hadnt gotten back to you on the colors we used. If I recall correctly it was a dark, Hunter Green/Black tiger striped and Hot Pink/Char tiger striped. The Green/Black Tiger Stripe combo was deadly. Towards the end of my stint as a pinhead on the Freelance, we started adding a white retroreflective tape strip to the belly of the Green/Black combo. They were fantastic lures.
  11. Just wrapped up installing the Fusion Marine System on my 215 CC. Installing the head unit (MS-RA200) was pretty easy but finding a decent place to install the 2 speaker boxes (MS-BX402) was a different story. They were going to go somewhere up in the T-top but where? So after a few hours of here and there, and a pack of zip ties, I decided to mount them forward of the rocket launchers and just under the canvas: They look and sound fantastic there. They direct the sound right into the windshield and it bounces right back into the pit. If I tilt them slightly higher, the sound goes over the windshield and into the bow. Good job "All Blacks" on a fantasic small head unit and speaker combo. Fusion Music System= A++
  12. Ha! That'd be me. Havent been this season yet. In fact, havent gotten the rig wet yet. Spent 6 weeks in Oklahoma for training this spring so im about that far behind in fishing. Looks like im not missing much at this point. Flatties seem to be moving in slowly this year. Dont really have any secret spots or anything. I have a few "holes" I hit in the area that produce often but they are marked on my gps and seem only to be drastic changes in depth/substrate. The 3 sisters and Buckroe crab pots always hold nice fish. Have hauled up plenty of 7# fish around there. Its hit and miss though. I tend to stick with big strip baits in that area. 7"-9"stripped croaker and/or choppers do well there. I think the flatties have the taste of dead meat because of all the oils being leeched from the pot baits. Be prepared to hang a few pots though. The pots are both a blessing and a pain in the arse so be selective with your drifts. Im the complete oppisite of fish tales...lol... I have my best luck on the afternoon flood. Its all subjective! Dont know if I'll be shooting the James this year. Between the gas $ and the hours being logged on the Yamaha, I'll probably trailer from home to the co-op ramp at Surry PP. There, I can get the boat wet and cast the net for bait. Plus I can fish from sun up to sunset. Luckly, its only a 20 min ride to my first hole near the JRB. Good luck!
  13. nocturn

    Your ideal fishing boat inshore/offshore capable

    Freeman40 CC Cat:
  14. nocturn

    fishing help

    Hey swamprat, retired DCCS here. Welcome to vbsf.
  15. nocturn

    Storm Chasing

    Second pic is fantastic Dude. The composition is awesome. Lightning is fairly tough to photograph. Tripod and remote are a must. What kind of rig were you using? The lens looks like something in the 35mm to 110mm range. A little tweaking with a good photo app like Lightroom would remove the flare,blur and bump up the contrast.