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  1. Welcome, it's a little breezy right now, so don't think too many people have been out of VB this week. I know the guys are doing pretty good out of OI, but that's a long run for you. There isn't too much in the norfolk right now. If you don't have one, get a loran chart and look for the 300 line in about 50 fathoms. That's where it was good before the blow. That are is south of the canyon about 15 miles. Some boats are going friday, so hopefully we can get some good intel as I am going out saturday as well. Monitor channel 79. Good luck
  2. Anybody run through there recently? Wondering how the bars are doing. I may be running through there end of next week and just would like to know if its as bad as I've heard. Tia
  3. F-ing awesome bob!! Trax is the tuna man, at least he didn't have to mess with those pesky spindle beaks. Guess I have to dust off the golds. Need you to come with me and show me how it's done.
  4. heard you guys working on those tunas, crazy. Too bad you couldn't get at least one of them.
  5. great article, thanks. It's funny how they call it a sleepy little town but it's really bigger than the outerbanks and ocean city combined.
  6. Thanks Don, I have been marlin fishing since I was 10 (30 years) and had never caught a slam, always was searching for the third species. It was a fun day out there with beautiful weather. The blue was a little rat blue, but had him on a tld 25 and he put us through some hoops to get the release. We lost another sail and had shots at 3 other whites, so there are some good numbers of billfish out there for those looking. We even lost a 50 lb.+ tuna at the gaff. It made it all even better having my dad on the boat who's the one that got me brainwashed into this crazy sport. Good seeing you at the dock when we got back Don and hope you did well today. Bob, thanks as well, glad you are doing better and now that you are cleared, let's get out there!!!
  7. I don't feel too bad for you Don!! I saw what you were looking at all day Who were they anyway?
  8. pretty work Don, you going this weekend? I saw that water between the norfolk and washington.
  9. I am targeting marlin. Usually leave around 430am get back at 6pm. split costs $225-275 each.

  10. I need to see if I can get Thursday as a day of leave. Where you headed and what are your targeting? What are the hitchhiking rules? Cost? Crew?

  11. Hey Guys, my father is selling his 23' regulator. It is an '03, 185 gallon fuel tank, 225 4 stroke yamaha on it. Only about 200 hrs on it. Sea foam green hull. Well maintained. Asking 42k obo. Please call 589-3396 (larry) if have any questions.
  12. Wirebender

    23' regulator for sale

  13. Yes, that is the problem with PLB's. You don't have to worry about that with the epirb. In fact, the ones I have are equipped with a little lanyard that you can just tie off and let it float around. All you do is flip the switch and it's transmitting.