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  1. carolinasman

    E-River Trout

    It's actually his wife's boat, you better ask Jill if you can take it out
  2. Ha, Bob, actually had the pleasure of eating some of those rockfish that my nephew Nick brought over Saturday night....small world, my brother and Alden once shared a condo in Kitty Hawk, have fished with him in the past....he definitely likes the throttles on that boat....
  3. Congrats Jimbob, how in the hell didn't we win that tournament with you on board????
  4. Great day fishing Craig, looking foward to doing it again
  5. Definetly a great day of fishing, despite the weather, still wondering about that one that broke me off though.........can't wait to get after them again....
  6. Hey DB, fished yesterday, bluefish rock area, managed 3 keepers, one 24" and about 10 throwbacks, got a bit sporty, but we managed...
  7. I would like to see the inshore division fishing time extended a bit...going after 4 different species (with cobia calcutta), done properly takes a bit of time...understand the reasoning behind the time for the off-shore side of things to not give an advantage to faster boats, and getting back to the scales in ample time, which are not issues from an inshore perspective
  8. Look like porpoises, not sharks, to me.......
  9. carolinasman

    5th Annual VBSF Bluewater Classic

  10. Headed out early after catching up some bait and headed across the bay towards CBBT. All set up, spread out by 7:30 with decent seas, and a coolish breeze. After wading through a few critters, zing, off goes one rod, Eric grabs that rod and gets a nice run, as I'm watching, zing, off goes another one, Eric yells, mine is a cobia, I'm now fighting whatever I've got hard to get to the net and the cobia....I get my fish close and figure out, it's a big red drum!!! Eric grabs the net, manages to keep his cobia and and get the red in, we then manage to get the cobia up and in the boat.... quite the double, a new one for me.... after the tide turned after noon, things shut down, so we headed over and managed to nab 6 nice spades. I guess my membership has lapsed and I cannot post pictures now? Oh well...nice pic of the double on tidalfish if you want to see them....
  11. Good things come to those who wait......... Sorry Jeff, we know that's bullsh#@....hang in there man, took my Dad out yesterday, bounced around all day, 2 flounder...one keeper, at least the old man had some fresh fish for dinner...
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  13. carolinasman


    Thanks Don and Salty Lady, do you have a little more info on "Ricks"?
  14. carolinasman


    Hi all, I need to get some curtains made for my boat, the winter winds were not kind..... Does anyone know of a good supplier on the Peninsula? thanks