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  1. Ktrain

    Shark in a New Jersey yard !

    Thats crazy, i had heard about it. My uncle lives on the water up there and he has 6 boats in his yard. Big boats biggest being a 38 cabo
  2. Ktrain

    Bob on Still Think'n

    Chit Bob, I had no idea you had this surgery! Very glad to hear that you are doing well and I and my fam wish you the best in recovery! Hope your back where you belong out on the blue water very shortly!! Craig
  3. Ktrain

    Prayer Request

    Thanks for the good words and prayers! I am finally back from cleveland clinic which I'll tell you is a phenomenal facility top 4 in the country. After spending a week there they have determined that I got a wicked virus that attacked the left side of my brain which in turn gave me these crazy nervous symptoms that were happening to me. I believe I got this virus from a minor operation I had June 8th, from a operating room. All of this crap started 10 days after the operation. So needless to say I am back up and running strong, and thank god this horrible experience seems to be coming to and end. If any of you ever have any need for a top notch hospital, I highly suggest you contact Cleveland Clinic. Once again thanks and let me know if you need anything! PS. Tony I will be in touch with you shortly! Thanks Craig Cell 540 455 5638 www.coastalfiberglassllc.com
  4. I run a business Coastal Fiberglass here in Hampton Roads area. Here is a Custom Paint job I just finished with this afternoon. Color is Imron Concord Blue Metallic Bottom is Imron Custom mixed White. These are 2 before pics
  5. Ktrain

    1973 Mako Completed

    My dad wanted to restore a 1973 Mako 20'. So we did, I run a fiberglass shop here in Va Beach area we completed this job in between other work. Here is a list of what we did, I will try and dig up progress pics but photo bucket is moving VERY slow...Got some ideas from this site and other places. Thanks! She is SWeeeeeeeeeT!!! You can probably tell from the smile on his face he is a happy man! I will get some more detailed pics when I get a few minutes but this boat was trashed before work was done. Brand new 175 zuke Full Curtains Wise fold down bolster seats. Custom hatch for the back new gas tank cut the back of the boat off re did entire transom new floor removed all foam (no more foam) restored console all rewired marine everything stripped bottom paint custom Imron white on the bottom biscayne blue on hull (Imron) stainless rub rail chevy white up top (Imron) Awl Grip blue tone ice for all non skid Everything on this rig is brand new.
  6. Thanks for the good words! Hope everyone is killing um fishing, it's been awhile for me due to all this time behind a grinder and paint gun!!
  7. Been there and did that with same results. Need a 12 gauge to the head then gaff

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