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  1. m1golf

    Need a Website

    Not sure if this is the right place to post. Anyway, we are looking for someone local who has some experience putting together a website for the Sea Wolf. Really would like someone who is into the charters. My current wesite guy can do it, but has never done a fishing charter site. Thanks for the help. Mike
  2. m1golf

    Cushion Repair,

    I have everything done at Howell's Upholstery on Aberdeen Rd in Hampton, next to Langley FCU
  3. Well, I decided to go to Nags Head for the weekend thinking it would be too rough to head offshore. Wrong decision, I got a call Sunday evening to fish yesterday and obviously I wasn't getting back. The Sea Wolf ventured out with a skeleton crew to see what they could find. I get a call last night from the Sat phone, they were out of bait and didn't have enough flags to run up the riggers for the TWENTY White Marlin they landed. Banner day on the water for those guys, too bad I wasn't in on it. Still waiting on some pictures from them.
  4. I believe the Sea Wolf team will be venturing out on Sunday to see what we find, possibly just pull an overnighter. Good luck to all.
  5. m1golf

    Posting Pics from Photo Bucket

    Hey Bob, I just checked my photobucket account and the image code is still there on it. I just copy and paste it into the post. This was my little cousins first offshore trip ever and the only fish we caught that day was his white.
  6. I was off the cape last year striper fishing, had a full spread of mojos, tomic, etc, out. Next thing we knew all lines started going at once, couldn't pull them tight, no amount of drag would slow it down. Backed the boat down trying to recover and the lines were still going, then about 50 yards off my starboard side I see a spout of water and a whale. Ended up pulling out the cutters on all lines, he must have been under the boat and I trolled right over him. Pretty expensive day with tackle and wire line.
  7. m1golf

    VB Invitational

    Rachel said she saw you over at Dick's, but it was late by that time I'm sure you were gone. Could've had a beer to celebrate.
  8. m1golf

    VB Invitational

    We decided to fish the VB Invitational this weekend and I'm glad we did. We started out slow on Friday going 1 for 3 on the whites and picking up a few bailer dolphin for the grill. Got back to Rudee and saw multiple flags on a few other boats. After a few drinks and conversation we settled on going right back at it Saturday. We left Rudee 5am and got out to the breeding grounds, I was standing on the bow watching the whites tear up bait balls all around us. Only 30 more minutes and we can put lines in. Finally, the call for lines in, we hooked up our first around 8:30 and it was game on, we picked up a total of 4 before lunch, got real slow after that we had a double on at one point and didn't get either one, about 2:30 we finally got the 5th and nothing else. Great couple days on the water, couldn't have asked for better conditions. Final tally, 6 for 10. Hopefully the luck will carry on to OC next week. Here's a quick video of one white that was just lit up. http://s122.photobucket.com/albums/o262/m1...nt=100_0022.flv
  9. m1golf

    2004 mercury 150 saltwater 2 stroke

    Is there an alarm going off telling you it is overheating? I had a 2001 Merc 200 Two-Stroke that never had a strong stream. I did all the same things you have done, multiple impellors, thermostats, etc. Only reason I ever did any of it was because of the stream, not sure if the motor ever actually overheated. Besides checking the screen, did your old impellor come apart? I have found bits and pieces of rubber inside causing low pressure.
  10. m1golf

    Northstar 952X

    Unit is sold, buyer didn't need the chips. So, obviously the chips are still for sale. Mike
  11. Not exactly sure as I was not up on the bridge, but I beleive were around the 840 in 35 or so. There was a lot of bird activity in this area as well as a bunch of flying fish.
  12. We moved the new boat down to Beaufort yesterday to fish the Tred Barta tourny this weekend. Left about 3:30am from Rudee ran for a few hours and decided to take a little time to throw some baits, after an hour or so we hooked up to a White, got him to the boat, release, pulled up our gear and ran. We were under time constraints as we had to pick people up in SC, wish we could have stayed longer, the water was starting to look fishy. Seas weren't too bad, 5 ft or so most of the way, that new 64 takes them like a bulldozer. One note, took my nephew from New Hampshire on the trip and he was the lucky guy to reel in his first White, not a bad day aside from his seasickness. We gave him a flag to remember the day. Hope I can make it out the meet and greet tonight. Mike
  13. We have used Tops by George off shore drive I think. He will go to Rudee though.
  14. I agree, if those guys can dive the 50 feet or so down at the high rise and stick them. Go for it. I can see not sticking a gaff in one at the boat, but spearing them is a different story. Just don't mess with the hook and liners.
  15. m1golf

    Canvas Repair

    In Va Beach I've used Tops by George, he came to Rudee to repair some curtains. I've also heard people talk of Mike's Custom Canvas or something, I've never used them though.