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  1. George was a great friend to alot of us on here...he was generous to a fault, was a great fisherman and loved living every minute on his life...he is going to be greatly missed.....sad sad day.....Bob
  2. IT was 3AM in the morning onboard Oblivions sitting in the slip in fisherman's Wharf. 6 Anglers and the Captain Dave Trax are looking at the only partial satellite temp and chloro shot that has come up in the last 5 days. The smart money says to go south to behind the Cigar where the Tuna Bite has been good for the last month. But this crew and especially this Captain are not the Smart money kind of guys, we like to hunt em down and find em and stuff em in the Box. We see a partial Blue Chloro shot that is at about 800 fathoms behind the Norfolk Canyon along with a slight temp change. We start talking...nobody has really fished this water yet this year due to the fantastic bite down south. We decide to avoid the boat pressure down south and go hunting North. we throw lines and get underway, 2 26 foot regular who is a friend of ours decides to do the same thing and go out on our own. We get to our destination and find nothing special, decent looking water and temp. The regulator decides to stick to the north wall and we venture out a little deeper looking for the magical break. We really dont' find it but it's 0730 and it's tournament time so in goes the rigs and we begin our day. we start working in and north in pretty much a desert, small pods of two tones every now and then but we're not feeling it....then about hour and a half into comes the sounds that makes your blood pump...SNAP....Captain yelling LEFT RIGGER...it's a Tuna....we land this one...nice fish probably 40 pounds.....in the box he goes, we are starting to feel hope....keep trolling north of the canyon, we are now fishing 100-200 fathoms and structure....we get two more single bites and land both of these fish, we are stoked, we now have 3 contender YFT, probably about 120 pounds total so we're pretty happy we made a good call and did not get the SKUNK....we keep working throughout the day and get a 4 banger knock down...two pull the hook and we land two...one of them is nicer class, probably mid to high 40's.....keep working.....get a triple header and the drags are screaming, these are nicer fish... we work the fish like a well oiled machine, we have been fishing with Trax for years so everything is burned into our muscle memory and we know how to fish Oblivion....we get them Gaff one at a time, and these are all nice fish...mid to upper 40 pounders with one more still fighting hard...this one gets teh gaff and comes over the side.....wow this one is bigger...end up 54.6 pounds....at this point we're feeling pretty damn good and it's just about lines out...we get in and get to teh weight stations...we learn Wired up "Neal Klar" currently has the lead at around 147...we are thinking we have a little over 150.....all fish get weighted and we end up with 150 on the money.....winner winner chicken dinner....these fish hold up for rest of the tournament and Oblivion wins the 2017 Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament......well deserved as he's the hardest working captain out there !.......Bob
  3. Fished Saturday the 27th with Dave Trax on Oblivion and a motley crew of pirates. were were way overboard (900-1200 fathoms) down around the 100 line. First fish of the day was a estimated 300 pound Blue Marlin released, then sporadic big gaffers, then an 4 1000pound bombs went off in our spread. 4 fish on, 2 pulled the hook 1 broke a rod and then 3 hours and 4 angler later up from the depths comes an estimated 500 pound 95 inch estimated blue fin Tuna released, very unusual to see these fish down here in 74 degree water and 1000 fathoms. had a couple cover ups of YFT and ended the day with 9 YFT, 20 gaffers, 500 pound Blue fin Tuna release and a 300 pound BLue Marlin release..good day
  4. Fishing Saturday on Oblivion was even I call a Iron Man Trip. WIth Captain Trax at the helm we left at a gentlemanly hour of 0400 headed for points east and slightly north. We pulled up on the triple nuns aka Navy buoys as the sun was peaking over the horizon and deployed a pretty much all wire spread looking for Wahoo hanging around the buoys, nobody home or awake at this hour. pulled lines and headed out to the 30 Fathom line and put a 10 rod spread out mixed Wahoo/wire and regular Tuna spread. Something starts tuggin on the starboard teaser hard and that tell tale sign of a dorsal and bill slashing at the trail bait of the teaser with no hook shows itself to be a fiesty White Marlin. we get a dink pitch bait in position, reel in the teaser and successfully switch off and hook up first fish of the day.....while fighting this first white marlin the rigger baits are dangling in and out of the water and another fiesty white shows himself and starts trying to get the bait hanging off the rigger....he manages to grab the ballyhoo and runs off with it for about 4 seconds before dropping a bait....Dave trax puts the boat in gear and we get a dink pitch bait back in the water and get the 2nd white to bite and we now have a double white marlin hook up and subsequent release. scratch 2 whites by 1000......we continue on heading north up the 30 fathom line and water starts looking very wahoo'ish so we pull in the non-wire lines and change everyting over to wire.....not long after that first bite is on the planer rod, nice 47 pound wahoo comes to the boat on the wench.....next fish is another white marlin on a Wahoo bait, suicides and we get this fish to boat for 3rd white marlin release.....next fish is another Wahoo on the short rigger, ends up going 48 pounds at the end of the day. couple of misses after that and it's getting to be around 3PM and we're up by the washington Canyon at this point and want to be in the Norfolk canyon for the sunset big-eye bite that occurs around dusk....we pull lines and run straight down to the Norfolk canyon and get there a little after 4.....we set out a big eye spread and get wacked almost immediately on the left long...when the line popped out of the rigger it wrapped around the handle and immediately broke.....we troll, troll for a while longer and finally get another shot at one of these giants of the sea and after about a 90 minute fight first Big-eye in the boat for the day...this one is going to go around 155 at the dock....we deploy again and right as the sun is dipping below the horizon bam, bam....long shotgun and right rigger go down hard...double big eye hookup....we strap in two anglers and one of the two fish comes to the boat rather quickly....as anybody who tuna fishes knows this is where the fight starts....angler wrestles this big boy up, down, up down and meantime the 2nd angler is keeping his fish out so we can get the first one in.....snap.....the long fish is eaten by something very large (Mako or hammerhead) so we concentrate on the 2nd big eye.....after another 90 minute battle we finally boat this one which ends up around 167 pounds...now it's about 830 and we're all done so we pull lines and head to the doc arriving at around 1130PM.....we regroup the next day to clean boat and fish...now that's what I call a long frigging day y'all.....enjoy the pics....Bob
  5. Richard odom...what's up buddy..haven't heard from you in a while..hope all is well...still at NCDOC ? Kevin...you ole mountain man you...Andrew gave us some stories about your fishing adventure....very entertaining.....hope all is well...see you out there....Bob
  6. well as promised here's a short recap of Saturday's fishing in the Randolph Macon, Hamton Syndey Rockfish Tournament with lines in at 0730, we met Craig at Sea change, docked at Marina shores at 0530, Craig was already loaded up with gear and eels so all we had to do was hop on the boat, untie and get underway. Team was Captain Craig Irwin, Mark Carstens (voodoo), Andrew K and myself bobdu11, we rolled out in 50 degree weather, slick cahm conditions to a glassy Chesapeake Bay morning, heading up the Eastorn shore up to around buoy 38/40 area ....we trolled around looked for bait prior to lines in and found some about 5 minutes before lines in.. we decide to make our first couple of drifts around this bait pod and get our 8 lines ready with lively eels, bobbers, free lines and couple of weighted lines to cover the water column.. I was impressed with the spread and first rate gear and rigging we were fishing with...about 20 minutes after lines in the first bobber goes underwater, we set the hook on this fish and it pulls, immediately another bobber goes down and ANdrew is on it......after about a 10 minute tug of war in comes a 42 inch 34 pound striped bass..all in the first 30 minutes of the tournament...we boat him and get him on ice and are feeling pretty good about the day... and then reality sets in....fished the rest of the day with a couple of bumps, no real bites and no more fish... we were still feeling OK, when we start heading in and as it had been a rough day for most boats...we hear about board sponsor Ocean PEarl with Cheryl and Steve Ray who had landed a 43 pounder and some schoolies and one other boat in the tournament who had landed a 41 pounder to beat us out....leaving us holding onto 3rd place for the tournament....no money or anything but that fish sure ate good last night..... congrats to the winners and my fellow VBSF angers Craig, Andrew and Mark......heres'a group shot with our 3rd place fish.....Craig, ANdrew, Mark and myself (the short one...lol).....have a good striper season and may the odds be ever in your favor....Bobdu11
  7. Hey guys...I am alive and well....as happens to alot of us life gets in the way of things and we move on to different things...I do still fish as much as I can although I haven't fished a whole lot this year due to work and travel. I do get to share a few beers and wet a line with some of my best buddies like Todd Beck, Dave Wessner, craig Irwin, Otter and a few others...I'm actually fishing a tournament this weeeknd with Cirwin, Andrew K, and Voodoo (Mark)...kind of like a VBSF get together... Tperk I soold my southport a couple of years ago for reasons i regret now....I'm hoping to some day load up and fish one of those new 33 Southports,,,,still one of the baddest boats in the water in my opinion..... I'll try and contribute more moving foward starting with some pictures of some hogs this weekend !..... as I always tell Todd.....we Kill em all, if you want your kids to catch fish, you better take em fishing now..... Happy Holidays to all......Bobdu11
  8. yes George and Kevin, I picked those up on new years day for $350.99, much cheaper than last year.......since the Cobia season is kicking off right now figured it was the smart thing to do...Bob
  9. Erik...I would be glad to share my vast knowledge of chasing Cobia, I'm sure I can give Captain Todd some pointers on the finesse required to chase these Fish....being as they don't put up much of a fight and just die when you put them in the boat, I think we'll have an easy day of it...I think we need to wait until the water temps get above 35, should be soon buddy....Bob
  10. if you wanna be a Beckie you need this gear....Bob
  11. Wade, Being the inshore expert I am and knowing the area inside of 3 miles from Cape Henry down to wright memorial...I'm going to concur with the good Captain Todd Beck on the location of the dump site and species surrounding said buoy.....Good luck....I'm sure the CObia and Kings are biting there now, that's based on my long history of inshore fishing the area....yup February is Cobia and Kings....Bob
  12. I see you're booking striped bass trips..I would like to book one of those please
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