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  1. I'm heading out of Little Creek on Sunday morning at 0330. Planning on heading towards the 300 line (depending on the reports from today and tomorrow). Let me know if you're going, and we'll buddy up.
  2. The forecast looks great for this weekend. I'm going to try a trip for tuna on Sunday out of Little Creek leaving at 3:30. Is anyone else going out that would like to buddy up? Tight lines, Jaws
  3. Good job. Looks like the kids were having a blast.
  4. I was at Oregon Inlet Fishing Center for the week. We headed back up to Norfolk on Saturday. I was going to stay nearshore on Friday so we left the docks late, but as we got out, the seas were nice and calm so we just kept going east. Ended up making it out to the 74 degree water up near the 700 line in about 100 fathoms and getting lines set at 10 am. Got a 30 lb yellowfin right away, then nothing for the rest of the day. All the charters at the fishing center came back in with at least 20 mahi. I really wish I knew what they did differently. Much better weather on Friday than on Thursday. Now I'm waiting for that warm water to make it up this way. Jaws
  5. Good call staying inshore. We went offshore today out of Oregon Inlet and had a very uncomfortable time dealing with 6 foot waves all day long. Only came back with one tuna to show for it. At least we didn't get skunked. I think we'll stay inshore tomorrow, but I've never fished inshore down here. Do you have any tips/locations for some novices? It'd be much appreciated. Thanks, Jaws
  6. I'm taking my boat down there for the week starting on Saturday. Hopefully I'll get offshore at least twice, if the weather supports it. If you make it out on Saturday, a report would be much appreciated. If I get out, I'll let everyone know how we did. Jaws
  7. I've got stand up gear spooled with 500 yds of 50 lb set at 18 lbs of drag. Am I setting myself up to get spooled this weekend? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. I'm a newbie, but what makes it "tuna gear?" I'm planning on heading out for tuna on Saturday, but I was going to use the same gear that I use for stripers. Just want to make sure I'm not doing anything illegal. Thanks
  9. No action yesterday afternoon at the CBBT. Fished the end of the incoming tide from 3:30 to 7:00 from the SBC to the 1st. We tried all we could think of with the same results. Started throwing bucktails and jigs with 6" gulp at the pilings. Then we tried trolling a stretch and a daisy chain on the ocean side. Wrapped up by soaking a few eels under and around the bridge. No takers all evening long. Water was 57 degrees. At least it was a nice evening on the water. Hope others had better luck. Tight lines, Jaws
  10. So if a 455 lb. BFT can be sold at auction for $500k, how much can a 1500 pounder fetch?
  11. The marine forecast for Sunday is looking pretty good for an offshore trip. As long as it holds, I'm going to plan on making a run to Norfolk Canyon for some tuna fishing. Are there any other boats looking at making the run? Wouldn't mind buddying up with someone. This would be my first fall offshore trip, so if there's a better place than the canyon, I'm all ears. Tight lines, Jaws
  12. Sea2aeS, I'm trying to get some people together for a Sunday trip offshore. I need to try out my new lineup of Get Reel lures. I'll know by this afternoon, and I'll be in touch. Jaws
  13. 1995 Cajun 1850 Fishing Boat for sale. Repowered in 2004 with a Yamaha 150 4-stroke. Runs great. Less than 200 hrs. All periodic maintenance performed. Boat is outfitted with a Humminbird 400TX depthfinder and Uniden Oceanus DSC VHF radio. Included with the boat are an anchor, lifejackets and oil/filters for 2 changes. Asking $9500 OBO. Call Keith at 757-773-3663 with questions or offers.
  14. Jaws

    help please

    You could also check the trim tab on your engine. If it's loose, or out of whack, the torque from the engine could be what's constantly pushing you to one side or the other. Try adjusting the tab a little bit, and see if it helps the problem. It's a quick adjustment, and it doesn't cost anything, before you go out and spend money on a new ram or seal kit. Jaws
  15. Fly'n Fish, it was nice meeting you at the docks Friday night. Thanks for the intel on the fishing. Good work on the yft.