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  1. A lot is beginning to happen with the rising water temperatures, confirming that the spring procession is finally making progress. This trend should continue to heat up over the next weeks. Tautog action is still going strong, especially within Bay waters. Tog anglers are scoring using fiddler crabs and clams on most lower Bay structures and wrecks. The rocks and tubes of the artificial islands and the pilings near the High Rise section of the Bridge Tunnel are providing the best results. Most folks are catching limits of fish ranging up to 5-pounds, but some 10-pounders are also around. Deeper ocean wrecks are also producing nice tog, with fish up to around 20-pounds taking crab offered in water ranging to around 70 to 100-feet. If tog is on your list, you had better hurry since the season closes May 1st. Anglers are thrilled that the flounder action is evolving this week, with reports of keeper flatfish becoming more common. The best flounder action is happening along the Eastern Shore, where fish are coming from the buoys along the Bayside of Cape Charles, as well as the seaside inlets and out of Oyster and Wachapreague. Keepers are also hitting baits within Lynnhaven and Rudee Inlets to around 19-inches. Other areas such as Back River and the bend at the third island of the CBBT are also producing scattered early season flatties, but the best is yet to come. These fish are responding to fresh strip bait paired with a gudgeon on an outgoing tide lately. Nice puppy drum are still hitting inside the Elizabeth River, in lower Bay inlets, as well as along the ocean shorelines. The Virginia Beach Fishing Center reports that folks are catching good numbers of nice pups inside Rudee Inlet using finger mullet and jig heads tipped with grubs. Anglers partaking in speckled trout catch-and -release options are enjoying an increase in activity in the Elizabeth River, particularly in the discharge area of the Hot Ditch and other shallower areas of the River, using top water lures. The arrival of Taylor blues within Rudee Inlet is thrilling surf casters throwing from the rail. Croaker are now available in various areas in the Bay, especially near Willoughby, Ocean View, and off the Little Creek Jetties. The folks at the Ocean View Fishing Pier report good catches of croaker lately, with anglers filling up coolers with small to medium-sized fish. The bigger hardheads are still coming from the lower Bay Rivers such as the James and York Rivers, using shrimp and squid. Drum enthusiasts are still anticipating the first catches of big red drum. But, the good news is that one drum variety made its debut last week. The first recreational catches of small black drum occurred from the surf lines of the seaside barrier islands off the Easter Shore. Surf anglers on Smith’s Island are getting hits on crabs and chowder clams. The larger blacks should present in numbers soon, with rumors of sightings of huge schools of blacks passing into the mouth of the Bay recently. Deep droppers continue to find good hauls of nice black-bellied rosefish, golden tilefish and grouper pushing to over 50-pounds while working the edges of the Norfolk Canyon in water ranging from 600 to 900 feet. Blueline tilefish are also available in shallower water, but the dogfish are still making this fishery difficult to access right now. The offshore action out of North Carolina is still good when they can get out. Boats are still scoring with some bluefin tuna, scattered yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna and mako sharks. Hopefully this fishery will heat up soon off Virginia. View Our Website
  2. We had a great offshore trip on Wednesday April 17! We caught black belly rose fish, barrelfish, wreckfish, citation blueline tilefish, bluefish and this nice snowy grouper! Call to book your trip! View Our Website
  3. Hi guys, attached is the link to a video from this summer. Enjoy!
  4. Here's the link to our offshore video from this summer http://vbsf.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=26495
  5. We went in the rough seas in hopes of anchoring up in protected calmer waters for the mighty cobia. Although we found the shelter we were looking for, the cobia did not come out today. We switched up to plan b & went for flounder. Nearing the end of our trip, we finally found a small area where the flounder were holding. We had 6 keepers & several throw backs within about an hour. Our crew was very patient throughout the day & we were all very excited to finish the day out on a positive note. Our guest went home with a nice mess of fish for their efforts. Here’s a pic of the biggest of the day coming in just over 23″ & super thick! View Our Website
  6. Today’s charter on the Pearl. Mahi, tuna, a white marlin & sea bass. We had another white in the spread, but wouldn’t eat. Justin’s first white & Jessica did a hell of a job on her first tuna weighing in around 50#!! View Our Website
  7. Nice half day of fishing today. It started out a little slow, but we found some tasty little spade fish, some hungry flounder. We also had a triggerfish. Great day on the water despite the threat of storms & a short rain shower. View Our Website
  8. Amberjack are thick at the South Tower, on ocean wrecks and at the Chesapeake Light Tower. Most of the coastal wrecks are holding good numbers of sea bass, flounder, spadefish, and some very nice triggerfish are being caught. Flounder are being caught in all of the summertime flounder spots with the LARGE fish coming from the CBBT. Large sheepshead are available at the CBBT. Spadefish, can be found around most of the structures in the lower bay and over the coastal wrecks. Chesapeake Light Tower is holding spadefish. Cobia are being caught chumming and sight-fishing. Schools of big red drum are being encountered. Schools of black drum can be found around the islands of the CBBT. Spanish mackerel fishing is excellent along the oceanfront and inside the lower bay. Offshore white marlin blue marlin and sailfish are here. In addition to billfish wahoo & dolphin and scattered yellowfin tuna are available. BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY! View Our Website
  9. We had a great crew from on board today from the Lexington & Richmond Virginia area. A guys weekend, fishing adventure. After some great spanish action, we went for some flounder. A few Shorties and we got these 2 nice keepers. View Our Website
  10. Some great flounder action in the afternoon. This morning, spanish, blues & we did some sharking! View Our Website
  11. 2 nice keepers for the dinner table Ran some inshore trips Friday & Saturday. Friday we had a great crew in town & caught some blues, spanish & flounder. Saturday proved to be a good day on the water. We found spanish, blues and flounder. View Our Website
  12. Book Your Trip Today! Billfish action has been very good. From the Norfolk Canyon on down to the Triple 0s. Most are white marlin, but a good number of blue marlin are crashing spreads as well. Dolphin fishing is good and there is a scattered yellowfin tuna bite. Bottom bounceing we’re catching blueline tilefish and wreckfish along with other creatures of the deep. Amberjack are thick at the South Tower. Most of the coastal wrecks are holding good numbers of sea bass, flounder, spadefish, and some very nice triggerfish. Wrecks like the Santore and Tiger have produced citation-sized triggers this past week. Flounder are being caught in all of the summertime flounder spots with the largest fish coming from the CBBT. Large sheepshead are available at the CBBT where spadefish can also be found. Spadefish are around most of the structures in the lower bay and over the coastal wrecks. Cobia are being caught chumming and sight-fishingt. Schools of big red drum are being encountered by anglers looking for cobia. Spanish mackerel fishing is excellent along the oceanfront and inside the lower bay. Some large king mackerel have been seen skying out of the water off of Sandbridge. Tarpon are rolling around on the Eastern Shore seaside. View Our Website
  13. We finally got out for first seabass trip since season opened up end of October. Weather has been terrible all month. We had 8 anglers and they earned all the fish they caught. Wind was blowing bit more than weatherman predicted. Bite was good when you could hold bottom. Spiney Dog Fish have returned in record numbers and are everywhere. Bass were holding tight to structure to keep from getting eaten by dogfish. Book a trip soon before the Feds decide to close season early again.
  14. The Ocean Pearl will be starting Deep Drop Trips targeting Bluline Tilefish-Golden Tilefish-Grouper-BlackBelly Rosefish and what ever else bites the hook in the deep. With the cold water putting the brakes on Striper Fishing inside the 3-mile line for the past 2 weeks its time to start going deep. Will be doing make-up or private trips so call to get your reservation. (757)237-7517 Price will be $180.00 per person with no more than 12 people a trip. The Ocean Pearl runs out of Long Bay Pointe Marina in Va Beach. oceanpearlcharters.com
  15. captstv

    Bulk bait sources...

    Long Bay Pointe Bait And Tackle will sell you both tube squid or the big trolling squid by the case. They have both in stock.
  16. Been a while since last trip out for Seabass and Tilefish. We limited out on seabass in the 3-4 pound range. They bit good at almost every stop we made. Also caught nice gaffer dolphin and caught nice Blueline Tiles. Did not see another boat all day except Joe Delcampo on his boat Another Story setting and hauling seabass pots around the wrecks I was fishing. Not much pressure on the fishery now. We had one citation blueline at 10#13 oz.
  17. We had another good trip out to the Norfolk Canyon . Surprised to see the size and number of nice seabass. Mike Wells caught the largest and a Va Citation at 5 pounds. Best thing was we only caught a couple of dog sharks and only a dozen throw back under size seabass. We tried the deep for a little while and found it impossible to keep a bait on the hook due to Taylor Bluefish. It did not matter location or depth they were everywhere.
  18. We had another good trip out at Norfolk Canyon deep dropping. Weather was nice in the morning and picked up mid day. Got a nice catch of wreckfish and good sized Blackbellie rose fish. Our best catch of the day was a nice 40# golden tile. We also stopped at a wreck on the way in and caught some nice seabass. Dogfish were not a real problem . Will be scheduling trips whenever weather is going to be nice so give me a call.
  19. Had a busy Christmas weekend with 2 trips each day. Caught nice stripers around the Cape Henry area. Fish would be in the bay on one trip and in the Ocean on the next. It was a real pain keeping the slot sizes straight and on the right side of the fisheries line for the fish on board. Ocean fish got up to 30 pounds with a good bite off Rudee Inlet on Monday morning. Slow pick with a fish every 15 minutes. Bay season closes today so we will be fishing only in the Ocean now inside the 3 mile line. Made me sick watching some boats I won't name trading out fish already in the box for larger ones.They did not go to waste because we scooped them up as they floated by and added them to our limit. Shame on you but thanks for the fish.
  20. This morning we stayed in the bay off Cape Henry and made another Quick day of it due to party member feeling a little under the weather. Sea state got a little rough as the morning went on but the bite was non stop. Lots of fish were in the 28-34 range and released. Had no problem getting parties limit with plenty of crankage going on before we called the trip and headed in.
  21. Made a quick day of it off Cape Henry with non stop action. Limited out with Ocean fish and back at the dock by 10:am. Still waiting for the big fish in upper bay to come on down. One more day left for 2 fish limit per person in the Bay.
  22. Fished the Ocean off the Va Beach Oceanfront today in the afternoon. Morning was still a little bumpy from blow overnight. Found the fish out about 2.5 miles offshore. Bite was steady for about 4 hours. This is when patience comes into play. Between dodging conch pot buoys, gill nets and boats we would pick up a fish or two. The fishing is just going to get better and better in the next few weeks.
  23. Had 2 half day trips today. Caught nice fish in the morning at the 4th island wire lining. Afternoon trip was game on with fish stacked up on backside of tube. All you had to do was drop to the bottom. Most fish were in the slot and had to be released. Both trips were families and everyone had a blast.
  24. Lots of big specks are being caught in Broad Bay, 4 to 6 pounds ?.. The first 100 yards of the channel. Best bait seems to be 4" Gulp Swimming Mullet. Have been catching them for about three days. Striper are around the Lessner Bridge ?? 35"er caught last night. Some real nice flounder are being caught in the river ?.