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  1. If we can get some more warm spells and consistent southwest winds, i think they will start showing by the end of the month. im hopeing they do atleast.
  2. I live vicariously through your reports Bob. Good job guys!!!! Awesome!!!!
  3. this should be posted to the top as a sticky note. important stuff. specially in a gnarly inlet that can go from flat calm to 6ft in 5 minutes time.
  4. todd, you got a tower on that parker now? rates? message me.
  5. scouts are already showing up. about a dozen caught last week in the nets outside the inlet. theyre gonna be down there early and here by mid may in my opinion and my arse will be ready to rock and roll!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Braid makes lures specifically for this, The marauder. OTI is another to look at. Owner split rings are the hardest to open. I had to use a bench vise to get the trebles on some OTI poppers last week.
  7. Bob you werent kidding when you told me a stretch 30 wouldnt work lol. you need the owner split rings used on OTI poppers, theyre a beast to get open.
  8. You must stay within 3 miles of the coastline. eastern shore seaside, virginia beach oceanfront, north carolina, anywhere along the united states coastline from shore to 3 miles out is coastal waters, 3 miles to 200 is federal waters. you may not target striped bass or possess striped bass on your boat past 3 miles. the worst the penalty can get is confiscation of your vessel by the feds. As a safety rule of thumb so "the man" doesnt mess with you, I wouldnt go past 2.90 miles on the chartplotter to give for margin of error. yes you can fish off the eastern shore but stay within 3 miles of land. there are a lot of coasties and vmrc boats out there and they "will" get you. I watched them get 2 within a 15 minute period thursday off the vb oceanfront. both boats were a little bit past 4 miles off. The bay was dead today from the bridge tunnel all the way upto buoy 42. a lot of boats & a lot of nothing going on. IMO this constant westerly winds the past 3-4 days have pushed what fish were off cape henry last weekend offshore about 5-8 miles as well as the bait.
  9. took us 20 minutes to scratch out a limit of 6 with 35lbs being the biggest. back at the dock at 853am. santa was good to us
  10. yeah buddy wayne was there. he got the biggest king of the boat and lost a really nice wahoo as well...
  11. Ide go with you if you need an experienced hand that will pitch in on gas & eels if your interested. have plenty of eeling gear. Brent cell # 560-0533
  12. Sea2aeS

    New Hobby of mine.....

    Ronnie does good work at a good price Andrew. I consider him the higgen gem of Norfolk.