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  1. Headed east at a high rate of speed with a crew from Topsail Island, out to where the grunts grow wild and free. LOL! Capt. John has a big Contender with twin 300 Yamaha 4 strokes that gets you there real quick. The purpose of the trip was to stock the freezer before the winds set in. Pulled up on the first spot and dropped down. WHAM! Multiple hookups with some nice fat 20 lb gag groupers and a couple of almacos. An hour or so later we have our grouper limit and move off the grouper spot to hit some other bottom dwelling critters. Filled both rear boxes on the Pura Vida with sea bass, snapper and grunts. Headed back to the hill right as it started to blow strong. Had a great day on the water and now looking to add some wahoo and YFT to the freezer. Hope all I well in the Old Dominion.
  2. I hear there are catching some fat yellowfins out of Oregon Inlet. You might want to check the fishing reports at the Fishing Center there and at Pirates cove. Wahoo bite is off the chain down here in Wilmington.
  3. SWEET! Regulator builds a nice rig. We expect your fish production to triple now and will be looking for regular reports. May she always return to port with full fish boxes, but most of all may she always return to port.
  4. Black Dog, I keep my Proline CC with a Merc in Southport. Marine Mart on the road to Oak Island does the R&M on the Merc and I'm not real impressed with them. I'll see if I can come up with a recommendation for you. Where exactly is he? An 18 Polarcraft should be a great rig for the flats and channels.
  5. I've seen big dolphin at the CLT while diving, but never saw one that close in. Nice catch!
  6. Just after the earth cooled, but before the dinosaurs died off, there was a rod building shop at Marina Shores that also did repairs. Hope he's still there.
  7. Anthony at Princess Ann Distributors is a great guy and they do awesome reel repair and service. Along with Bruce's they were my go to tackle shops in VB. All I have is PVC. Never saw any reason to change.
  8. You might want to look at an Onslow Bay. They're a small builder down here near Wilmington NC. Top quality and a bit less expensive than the bigger names. Kind of like Southport before they were sold and moved to Maine. One other suggestion would be to start looking for your new rig after the big Wahoo run in October/early November. When the fishing slows down people get more willing to deal, both on new and used boats. When you do start looking, make sure you include the Morehead City NC area in your search. I found my brother a Sailfish CC there two winters ago that listed for $45,000. He bought it for $28,000.
  9. She was stout, with out a doubt. Mean as a snake too.
  10. Oddly enough I once dated a groupie from Warsaw. She was a little heavier though.
  11. I hope all is well with you and yours Kevin, great hearing from you. You've always done well with the flatties so I expect you will get on 'em at some point. It's going to be another couple of weeks before I see the water again. Mahi move in close down here in mid July through August and I'm going to hit some structure in the 10 to 12 mile range in hopes of boating a few. Maybe grope a grouper or two if the opportunity presents itself.
  12. Just had a new T-Top and curtains put on the ProLine and was lookin for trouble. And as usual, it was trouble I found. Ran out of the mouth of the Cape Fear with a couple of buddies down from Norfolk, turned right and pointed her to the southern, looking to hit some of the nearshore artificial reefs. North Carolina has a very extensive reef system south of Hatteras, in addition to the limestone ledges and live bottom that form the basis of a great grouper and bottom fishery. I had a supply of live crab and bunker in the livewell, hoping to find a stray cobia or two on top and maybe a flounder or two on the bottom. What we found were sharks top and bottom. Mainly spinners and blacktips. Managed a few throwback flounder but we were covered up by the toothy critters all day. Now a 5 ft spinner is a blast on light tackle, as they jump and splash around on the surface. But it wasn't what I was looking for. The guys had a great time with it, ending up tired with sore arms and all. But I'm down to the last of October's yellowfin and May's mahi. Time to stock the freezer. Stay tuned.
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