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  1. Ok here it is. This was our third trip for BFT and can't get a bite. We have been in the area of the bite each day and we are pulling baits in the 6 to 12 inch range from 10 feet deep down to the bottom. And most lines are way back from the boat. and the colors are red&white and chartruse. Long 200lb leaders to try to keep the hardware away from the bait. the speed is 2- 4 knots. Are we just dealing with a luck issue or are we doing something wrong? Thanks Paul
  2. I agree with Bob. We run noting but international 80's when looking for bluefin. you might have a chance with a 50 but things can get ugly fast in the shallow water these fish are in you dont want a lot of line out for other boats to cut off. try to stay on top of the fish as much as posable the farther the fish is from the boat the shallower the angel on the line and more line in range of other boats props.We will be out there on Saterday. good luck Paul
  3. We went on the troll on the Ocean front Sunday with about 50 other boats. We put over a umbrilla rig short and deep in the center with a pair of hot lips with 9" shads on them on either side of the umbrilla rig follow by strech 30's on the outside. we pulled this setup from 6:00am until 3:00pm without a bite. From the raido chatter we wasn't the only boat that was takeing thier gear for a ride. We marked a ton of bait and fish from Cape H. to the Remada. we tried eveything we could think of to make those fish bite: change color, speed up, slow down, take the boat out off gear and let the baits fall. Plenty of Gold reels out there didn't hear anyone aksing for room to fight a fish so no BFT yet Paul
  4. went out for cobia ended up going with plan B at the 3rd island. we got 2 fish in short order but thenit slowed down. So we decided to make a bait run. we pulled in the lines and just then a school of big bunker showed up not 100 yards away. Made bait quickle and got back on the hook. We droped hole 12" bunker down and the reds loved it fish after fish until our arms hurt and we left-em biting. fish were 32" 41" 45" 46" 47" 48" and 48" four citations total what a day
  5. thanks for having me along. I had a great time Paul
  6. I change out the factory split ring for 150# splits and change out the treble hooks and split rings for 2 150# split rings and a smaller twin hook twins are alot stronger
  7. I got a call about 7:15 Thursday night from my friend Ben. He wantd to make a run to the cbbt for the outgoing tide, but we need bait. I grabbed my gear and run for bait. The run out was nice at 30 knots. We found some birds working so we started casting but no love. Then the tide started to move so we ran out to the highrise and got setup. Lines in about 15 minuts and my tyranos 16 starts leting line out. Pick up the rod and bumped up the drag and first fish on. Put it in the boat after a good 5 minut fight. 44 inches and in the box. 2 hours go by and the 2 boats fishing near us left. Another 1/2 hour gose by and a big hit on my penn battle and Ben is on the rod. The fish takes a lot of line and then some more. Ben puts the brakes on it and brings it to the boat after about 10 minuts. 48 inches and in the box. The run in was crazy. It took 2 hours from the highrise. After a trip to the bait store my fish was 41 pounds and Ben's was 49. First striper citations for both of us. Made the long ride in worth it
  8. I have had them things hit a dead stik trolling bait with eels all aroud it. deadly little trick. congrats nice fish Paul
  9. If anyone need a crew member for bluefin shoot me a bm or call me 292-1776 the guy I have fished with for the last 2 years moved out of the area. I have 3 80lb trolling and 2 80lb jigging and 1 80lb casting setups as well as a lot of lures, spredder bars, ect.. I normaly ran the pit so I dont have much exp. fighting fish Thanks Paul
  10. In a boat that size you will want to check the weather. From what I see it looks a bit sporty. OI is no joke if you have never been out of there before follow soneone out. My advice is to be in them water before 0500 and follow the charter guys out. good luke and stay safe Paul
  11. We will be out Fri. and Sat. Just need a good temp pic. give us a shout play-n hooky Paul