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  1. Not from the surf, but from my sis' dock in Princess Anne Hills (Rainy Gut?) on the fly rod with chartreuse clouser 3 days ago - missed a 2nd after a brief fight. Both we're in ~5# range. Hope to find a few this evening at sunset. Merry Christmas to all! -b
  2. Gang, I'm rolling up to Chincoteague tomorrow with the family; it will be the first time with our new fishing craft in tow - Kaku Wahoo and Kaku Kahuna. Excited to get on the water with the fly rod and baitcasters and was curious if anyone has any recent reports? Captain Steve's reports are running light. Warm regards and a Happy 4th to all, Brad
  3. No luck today, nary a bite. Brother-in-law was using fish bite jigs; I was using cut mullet. Worked all along the jetty on the left side of the "Croatan Inlet" and all along the "metal channel" between the beach and the far rock jetty. At least the paddle boarders and surf boarders were all catching a good ride. Cheers, BJS -
  4. Hi gang, Fished under the bridge at Rudee inlet last evening from about 5PM - 8PM on the outgoing tide. Brother-in-law and I were using (poor) cut finger mullet - managed to land 4 puppy drum and broke a decent sized Stripper off raising up to the dock on a light spinning rod (pimp came out of nowhere demanding payment and we were credit card bound in a cash only society, the goods he summarily retrieved). Saw a kayaker head out to the jetty (I assume) for about an hour, curious how he fared. Looking for recommendations on where good bait can be bought in the Va Beach area - will be fishing on Black Friday as the ladies shop. Strong chance of headed into Seashore State Park to work the flies along the grass - saw some lovely aquatic terrain while running a memorial turkey trot there this morning...followed up with bloody marys, peppermint patties, and Capt. Morgan endorsed spiced rum. So the keyboard action is a little fast and loose this AM. Happy Thanksgiving and tight lines, Brad
  5. Was up at AI last weekend fishing the new cut by parking lot one with the surf rod and cut mullet; four of us managed to land about 15 redfish (2 keepers; rest were 1/4" short) from about 11 AM - 6 PM, best action for us was during the incoming tide. Guys 100 yards south of us were fishing a good pocket and catching everything beyond the break during slack tide leading up to incoming tide. They easily bested us. Park ranger said guys had been killing it with the redfish the previous day north of the cut. Due to Sandy closing part of the beach road, it was about a mile walk in - carried all on a wheelbarrow, but kept the competition minimal. Check the Assateague Island NWR site for latest access road updates. Hoping to work Croatan a bit during thanksgiving weekend (surf and fly rods). Tight lines, Brad
  6. Sorry to reply 5 months late, but I've had fun there with an 8 wt, fishing chartreuse clousers. Was up there last weekend fishing the new cut by parking lot one with the surf rod and the four of us managed to land about 15 redfish (2 keepers; rest were 1/4" short) - I was frustrated that I'd left the fly rod back at the cottage as the fish were close enough to the beach at high tide to have easily been working them with flies. Due to Sandy closing part of the beach road, it would have been a mile walk back to the truck to get back to the house, so I opted for "the fish in hand, rather than the fish in the bush". -brad
  7. South jetty; all parts reachable from the shore (surf casting) -brad
  8. All, Just back in and thawing fingers after fishing 3 hours of outgoing tide - was jazzed to land and release a 20" striper and an 18" red drum. Was tossing bunker and mullet. Looking forward to another evening of the same tomorrow. Going to try the back end of Rudee tomorrow AM with the fly rod. G'nite, Brad
  9. Experienced Locals, What would be the expected general effects of tonight's and tomorrow's NW/N winds be on fishing the jetty around Rudee Inlet / Croatan? Looks like it'll blow consistently in the low to mid 20s tonight, dropping to the mid teens tomorrow. Would that normally bugger up the fishing, boost it, or who knows what? Will be opting for the surf rod over the fly rod until things hopefully calm a bit this wknd - will likely be hucking out bunker chunks. All advice welcome as I'll ponder it over a beer or two tonight. :-) Thanks, Brad
  10. Had a great time up on A.I. over the weekend playing in the surf with the fly rod and the surf rod. Only managed to land some rays on the surf rod, not a bite on the fly rod. Whole weekend was slow all around fish wise - I believe the leading fish on the tournament board on Saturday was an 11# Striper. My dad landed a schoolie and a small flounder. Maybe I'll have better luck this weekend in Croatan. Take care, Brad
  11. All, Headed for A.I. this evening with my dad and being joined by my brother and three high school buddies tomorrow. Four blissful days of beer and surf fishing on the Hook - I can't wait. Having grown up in the Shenandoah Valley, it's a ton of fun to share new adventures with guys you've been hanging with for 30+ years - it'll be the first taste of fly fishing in the surf for all of them and last year's trip was the first surf fishing as a whole for two of them. I'll likely not be able to post a report until Sunday evening late. If you catch yourself up in A.I. this weekend and down near the Hook, I'll have a cold beverage on ice to share - likely the only guy out there with the fly rod. Anyone interested in a little fishing over Turkey Day down at Va. Beach just let me know as I'll be down at the sister-in-law's place near the ocean front. Cheers, Brad
  12. Stephen, I can toss out two places that are accessible to easy fly fishing - beneath Lesner Bridge and the Croatan side of Rudee Inlet. Access Lesner by taking Atlantic Ave north and it will turn into Shore Drive, this will then cross Lesner Bridge which drains Lynnhaven Bay (~8 miles from Va Beach boardwalk). Parking is on left (far side of bridge) and costs ~$5 (cash). Very strong current. For Croatan, take Croatan Road off of General Booth Blvd near Rudee Inlet, then left on Surfside Ave. There is free public parking on Surfside. Walk north to the tip of South Atlantic Ave. I've never seen the city property notice enforced as I walk thru the area to reach the ocean front (fishing the dock structure on the inlet side during day light hours may be a different story :-) I'm not local to Va. Beach, it is just stuff I've picked up over the years visiting the in-laws. Best luck to date has been with chartreuse clousers. Tight lines, Brad
  13. FishBum, I always enjoy tooling about on the south side of Rudee Inlet (Croatan). You can wade out near the jetty and there's various structure to fish about. Feel free to PM me for parking directions. Cheers, Brad
  14. http://hamptonroads.com/2010/01/norfolk-angler-lands-beast-flimsy-fly-rod?cid=srch
  15. Kudos to this guy: http://hamptonroads.com/2010/01/norfolk-an...-flimsy-fly-rod -Brad