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  1. Thanks, Don, Will do, If I land a doormat, I'm a bit sad for not being able to get offshore to blue water for a while, but there is so much to do up here, I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Ill keep you posted.
  2. Hey All, Though its been a little cool and rainy, We had some warm water at about 52 degrees. Those Kings have been thick at the hatchery and hallibut bite was pretty good!! Wait a second am I still in the right place?? Logged on for the first time since moving up here to Sitka AK, to get a little taste of Warm Temps and Blue Water. We live in eternal spring up here with temps in 50's with light rain most of the time, and in the 60's when its sunny. But man this place is beautiful, and full of life. Glad to see some great fishing still going on back East, take care and Tight Lines. Andy
  3. Don, Sorry I've been so busy getting ready for Sitka I've not been keeping up with the board, I'm glad your Dad is home and doing better. You'll be in my prayers as well. Andy
  4. Leave it to you Trey to spread such a wive's tail. There was a quarter page article in I think lin ast months Saltwater Sportsman about how many fake stories the pictures of this mako have spawned. BUT we still do have some monsters around here. On patrols down the outerbanks, we regularly see 8-12 foot sharks along the Shoals at Cape Lookout. And a year ago November, we were flying the coast from Ocracoke to Cape D, and we came across a Monster Shark at least 15-18 feet long. Size is all relative to us overhead, so the best way I can desribe him was that he was about length of 2 dolphins put together. We made about 10 hovering passes over him, and our rotor wash did'nt bother him a bit. We called him in to CG Sector NC, and the Marine officer on Duty said it must be either large adult tiger or White. The best thing was It was meandering about 100 yards off the Beach, just out side the breakers!!! Probably looking for a surfer Scooby Snack. Trey's story is a just a wive's tail, but we do have some big ones around here.
  5. Hey Clint, Glad you got to see these pictures, Thanks for fishing maybe next time we'll catch that State Record... Ah well you can always dream
  6. Well, Beautiful day lousy fishing for us. Got Put in at OC about 8:30 ready to fish all day. Got out of the inlet and saw all the boats and birds off of damn neck. Put lines in and worked lots of marks for a couple hours. Dead, Dead, Dead. No body was doing a thing. Got itchy, pulled lines, and debated to go North or South. ----- We chose poorly------ headed South to just below the new construction at Sandbridge. Saw no signs what so ever. (I guess from the other reports we should have gone farther). Headed north again. Worked some marks of the yellow can from Sandbridge. Nada. Back to Dam Neck to finish the day. Most of the birds and bait had broken up, but we were hoping the afternoon bite would turn on. By the radio sounds like it did just north at Cape Henry. Decided to just keep trolling to the inlet, and Got a hook up on the Umbrella rig off the down Rigger!! But could'nt tell if it was a fish or a dead body. This is what we caught. Either a Monk fish or an Oyster Cracker on Steriods. I've eaten them in restaurants, but tell you the truth this guy was so big bad ugly and prehistoric looking that we decided release him to let him go reek havoc on somebody elses umbrella. In all, a frustrating day but at least that monk fish gave us a spectical. Thats what I love about the ocean you never know what is going to be on the other end of the line.
  7. Hey All, Got a midweek day off. Hitting OC 8:30ish to fish all day if needed. We'll be on 68 answering to Miss Souwee. Give me a call if you are out. 2 or 3 boats are better than 1 when it comes to finding the bite. Tight lines Andy
  8. Wow!!! Glad you guys are OK!!! The couple of times I've had a boat engine conk out on me without warning, It always scared the Cr@xd out of me to think about it possibly happening at a time like it did for you. Everybody-- One Coastie Point -- This is great arguement when running in the Dark this time of year, either early or late, to wear a life jacket (Preferably with a light or glow stick) With the Water Temps below 50 you got about 10-15 minutes to swim before your body shuts down your extremeties, and you go to the botom like a MOJO. In the Dark that might not be enough time for another boat to find you. Again, Glad you guys are OK.
  9. Was thinking about CXing Friday night, when one of my old CG Auxiliary Buddies, backed out saying I wasn't worth it for NE 10-15. BUT had another buddy in town from Oregon Who wanted to give it a go. So off course, he twisted my pinky finger and we went. Out the inlet by 620 without a hitch, While the fleet headed south we went North between the Ramada and Cape Henry. Searched around for about a 1/2 an hour looking for birds and bait on the screen. NOTHING! So we headed South to Sandbridge (THAT YELLOW BUOY) and the rest of the fleet. Trolled the rest of the day There and back off of Damn Neck. Same Story, Lots of Bait Lots of Birds NO FISH. At one point we had 30 or so Gannets Dive Bombing in front of us and I though For Sure we'd hook up. NOTHING. Got pretty Sloppy by late morning Tangling me up a couple of times. Never fun when you dont even get a knock down, but still beat working. Still probably should have listened to my wise old Auxiliary buddy, and gone duck hunting in stead.
  10. "Ms Souwee" will be out Early from Rudee. I'll be monitoring 68 and she's a 23ft CC with a Navy blue edged enclosure from the T top sides to my gunnels . Catch Em Up.
  11. Did a first light search this morning Right off of Teache's lair on the sound side. There was a whole String of Green Stickers, and Charter Boats Headed out the inlet, and from my view It looked like Glass all the way out there. I wonder how they Did?
  12. SURE.... Don, "RELEASED"! My 80 year old Poacher of a father would have tried to make me "release" those fish into the forward hold covered by a ton of gear, but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, I fished all last week up just north of OC in from Rehoboth Beach to the mouth of the Delware Bay (Overfall shoals) Lots of shorts but no Keepers, alot of the old timers like my Dad are worried that the bigger stripers are going to stay off shore as they migrate down to us. Looks like they might be right.
  13. WOW!! I don't know where you guys were but I found a spot with 1 to 2 footers and winds SW at 10-15, AND I went 8 for 8. 7 Stripers and 1 nice Speckeled. OH right I forgot to mention I was fishing with my Duck boat at Wrights Brothers Bridge. Man, I wanted to get out after some tuna BAD, but I figured between my Small boat and Bad back that I should stay shallow. Don, Thanks for those sights you posted a while back (the Navy WAM and Intellicast) Man, They seem to be dead accurate. Just don't forget those Water Temps are cooling off everyday, which means less and less time that you have for help to come if you go into the water without a gumby suit. If anybody is wondering all but two of those stripers were short.
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