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  1. Has anyone heard of or seen any Bluefin tuna yet inshore in Va Waters?
  2. My dad puts a 28' Whaler in at the ramp at Hog Island that ramp is real deep at the end I have 2 duck blinds right there.
  3. As they say it is illegal to target rockfish past 3 NM but if you do remember you are always fishing for bluefish and release the fish. You can't help what bits your line but you are never targeting rockfish. I had a fedreal officer board us to check saw us catching and releasing. He asked me what we were doing I said fishing for trophy bluefish that were mixed in with schools of Rockfish. His response was and I quote "Good awenser, as long as you tell me you are not targeting rockfish then we have no problem, but release them imeadiatly with as little harm as possible." And he went about his way it is all about how you word what you say. So remember BLUEFISH
  4. Are you guys fishing the ditch or the cove? We have been doing fairly well right up in the ditch this year.
  5. Poacher


    They are long gone now. I start catching them in early march @ walkers on the chick.
  6. Has someone harpooned something we used big orange balls on large sharks before and they would get towed around for a while till the shark tired. I wonder if somebody hit one and it got away from them?
  7. Some cobia need to show up first or you are just wasting time and money with the water temps I would have to say there will be none then. They have only caught a handful in NC way off shore.
  8. Poacher


    The cobia are real late and they will be real late in bay. The water is too cold down south and only a handful have been caught. The should be sleighing them at OI right now but it ain't happening. This may be a real interesting year.
  9. First of all you said bayliner yes I had one. Know why they are called bayliner? They line the bottom of the bay that is where mine is right now same thing that happened to you.
  10. Poacher

    Yamaha F225 using ring/carbon free

    That is all the crap that is not sticking to the inside of your engine.
  11. no problem you were scaring me for a little while there. LOL
  12. This is the code section for VA and no where in it does it say what bait you can or can not use for Rockfish. Where did you hear that. I also just called a friend of mine who is a chater capt and he said there is no such law in va. He said you can not use eels in the spring in the potomac river and areas managed by the PRFC. But that does not apply to reg VA waters. http://www.mrc.state.va.us/fr252.htm
  13. What are you talking about that is all we use at the CBBT for Rock in the spring is eels! I have never heard of such a thing.
  14. I use the old 3 to 1. Whatever your bottom dropper is make the back one 3 times longer. Personally I use a big mojo on the bottom with a 5 ft leader and a spoon or something on a 15 ft leader behind that. It has always worked for me.

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